10 warning signs that you have a vitamin D deficiency

How do you maintain your health? We all have days when we feel very tired or a little depressed at times. But if you frequently get colds, often feel depressed, or even lose your hair, there’s a good chance you have a vitamin D deficiency!

In this article, we will talk about 10 signs that your body is severely lacking in this unique vitamin. And if you notice that you have at least some of these symptoms, it’s time to act immediately!

Vitamin D is a completely unique vitamin. Unlike other vitamins, vitamin D works like a hormone. The body produces it from cholesterol. Of course, you can get it from foods like other vitamins. Your body also produces them when you spend time in the sun.

So it’s called the body vitamin, and that’s what makes it special at work, but unfortunately 40% of Americans don’t get enough of it, and 15% of the general population is deficient in this vitamin. This alarming prevalence is due to a number of factors:

Most people do not get enough of this vitamin in their diet due to unhealthy eating habits. In addition, people spend a lot of time indoors these days.

And when they do go out, they slather on their bodies with sunscreen. There is certainly nothing wrong with protecting yourself against skin cancer, but there is a delicate balance when it comes to sun exposure. We need it, but not much of it.

What are the signs of vitamin D deficiency?

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