15 tips for strong and healthy nails

Nails are a manifestation of femininity, and their fragility and loss of beauty make you lose your sense of femininity, and you must maintain their elegance and attractiveness and give them more attention and care. Trimming the toenails, and this is a wrong assumption, because nail trimming and taking care of them are very healthy, and it is one of the health matters that directly maintains and affects our health. This problem can only be solved by surgery, and it also causes severe pain in the legs, whose source we do not know, and because of the wrong pruning method, the legs can be infected with some very serious fungal diseases. Danger to the legs, so you must follow these instructions and health tips that keep your nails in the best health right now.

Tips to follow for healthy and strong nails

1- Massage nails with Vaseline or castor oil to prevent dryness daily before going to sleep.

2- Wearing protective gloves for the hands before doing hard housework such as washing clothes and dishes, because chlorine and detergents affect the health of the nails and weaken them.

3- Do not use it to scratch utensil stains or shipping labels, as this will lead to broken nails.

4- Wet feet are more susceptible to infection with fungus, so after showering, dry your hands and feet well or expose them to water for a long time.

5- Always ventilate the shoes, because wearing wet, sweaty shoes exposes the feet and their nails to infection with fungus.

6- Wearing cotton socks because they absorb sweat well and protect it from skin diseases.

7- White dots on the nails indicate a lack of zinc in the body, so drink a glass of milk with a boiled egg daily to keep your nails healthy.

8- To strengthen weak nails, it is recommended to take 300 micrograms of the vitamin biotin four to six times during the day, as biotin is useful in treating weak nails.

9- Do not cut the skin around the nails, as this exposes them to diseases. Trim the skin to the back only.

10- Make sure to cut the toenails straight to avoid the edges of the nail growing into the skin.

11- Make sure to straighten your nails in one direction, not in both directions, and completely avoid using the file on your nails immediately after showering; Because it is weak and more likely to break.

12- Take care of constantly massaging your nails with natural oil, as nail massage helps stimulate blood circulation in them.

13- Avoid using nail polish remover that contains acetone or formaldehyde, because these substances dry out the nails. Instead, use acetate-based ones, which are gentle on nails and helpful.

14- Before applying nail polish, be sure to apply a layer of transparent nail polish first to isolate the color from the nail, so that it does not lead to dyeing or yellowing on the one hand, and to help increase the shine of the nail on the other hand, and to speed up its drying.

15- You can get rid of the traces of paint and the yellowness it leaves by washing it with a solution of milk and lemon. Squeeze a whole lemon into a glass of milk and dip your fingers in it for four minutes, then wash and dry them.


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