Why Married Men Fall In Love With Other Women

Even in the most perfect of marriages, there are situations that can test their relationship. Often the husband falls in love with another woman, which makes him doubt the credibility of his marriage.
Often the question arises as to why a man cheats on a woman. People cheat for a variety of reasons and relationships are inherently complex; This cannot be an excuse for the partner to cheat. Here we talk about eight possible reasons why a man is willing to risk his married life:

  1. I can’t stand tears
    A man may find his wife’s cry very annoying and disturbing. He often puts him somewhere, making him feel guilty, responsible and vulnerable. As the man feels uneasy around the tears, he begins to find ways to escape all the moaning. Thus, creating a distance between him and his significant other.
  2. The temptation of the forbidden fruit
    Often the husband ends up cheating on his wife simply because it is forbidden. He can only be tempted by the height of indulging in something forbidden and evil, without realizing what is at stake.
  3. Feel appreciated
    A man always wants his wife to be happy in life. He will go to great lengths to make her feel cherished and safe. However, if the significant other fails to appreciate and enjoy this characteristic, they feel empty. Suspecting that his marriage will bring the slightest happiness, he begins to look for another partner.
  4. Back to adolescence
    Married men are getting to a point where they can make a husband feel like a parent, whether by finding excuses to stay out late, overprotecting their phones, or rebelling against relationship duties. engaged. Couples usually struggle during this stage of their second teens, sometimes leading them astray.
  5. In search of change
    After a few years of marriage, a man can get bored with the status quo (status quo). The stability of the relationship may make him feel lazy rather than secure. In an effort to spice up his life, he may wander off in search of an extramarital affair.
  6. May show signs of narcissism
    Most of the time, partners who cheat lack empathy. When a spouse cheats, there is a tinge of narcissistic quality to their personality. He does not think about the consequences of his actions for those close to him. Because at that time, he is more bored to pursue his happiness, even if it comes at the cost of hurting others.
  7. Look for someone who understands
    In general, men find it difficult to express themselves. Thus, it is important for them to find an understanding life partner; Someone who will be there for them through thick and thin. If the husband fails to find an uncritical and understanding friend in his life partner, he begins to look for him elsewhere.
  8. He wants an independent woman
    A man feels empowered when his wife relies on him for little things like opening the lid of the jar or installing a kitchen light. However, a husband feels happy and relaxed when his other partner has his own life – whether that’s taking on his own job, hanging out with a group of friends, or doing housework like a pro.
    Couples can decide to move on after an argument, together or separately. It depends on the individual’s value system, tolerance and patience to deal with their differences. However, what is essential is to communicate openly with each other and to learn from them.

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