11 warning signs of poor blood circulation

Isn’t it true that everyone catches a cold from time to time? It’s not a big deal. What if your hands turn a beautiful purple when you’re scared – don’t they all?

It’s unusual to see discolored hands, and it’s a symptom that may indicate that you have poor circulation. Internal organs function more efficiently when there is sufficient blood flow throughout the body. Check out the 11 warning symptoms listed below to assess if your circulation is at risk.

  1. A tingling sensation in the hands and feet. The fingers and toes begin to tingle when the blood supply to the hands and feet is cut off. This is sometimes called “sleeping,” but WebMD notes that if you’re not sitting up on your feet or applying pressure to anything to force the blood flow to stop, it’s a sign. poor circulation.
  2. Numbness number two. According to Healthline, if you lose circulation to your hands, feet, legs, or even your buttocks for an extended period of time, those areas will become numb.
  3. Fingernails with a slow growth rate Fingernails and fingernails will grow much slower if they don’t get enough blood, according to the Mayo Clinic.
  4. There are dark circles under the eyes. Dark circles under the eyes are usually associated with a lack of sleep, but according to Doctors Health Press, they can also be caused by poor circulation. Tap Change Color to see if this is the case. If it turns white before turning black, it may be due to insufficient blood circulation.
  5. Immune system deficiency. The white blood cells in your blood help your body fight off intruders. According to Doctors Health Press, if you have poor circulation, vital disease-fighting elements are not properly transferred and your immune system weakens.
  6. Abrasions on the feet or legs Because the feet and legs are at the extremities of the body, your body will have a hard time healing if your blood circulation is poor. According to WebMD, if this is the case, you can often develop sores or “sores” on your extremities that won’t heal.
  7. My hands and feet are very hot. Hands and feet that are rarely “perfect” are a common sign of patients with poor circulation. It is usually too hot or too cold, as indicated by color changes. According to WebMD, very hot hands and feet are bright red, while very cold hands and feet are greyish-purple.
  8. Hair loss on the feet is number eight. This will be more accurate for women than for men. However, if you have poor circulation, you may experience hair loss on your feet and legs, according to the Mayo Clinic.
  9. Varicose veins number nine. According to Physicians’ Health Press, a lack of adequate blood flow can make these veins more visible under the skin because they tend to retain more fluid.
  10. There are ten problems in the digestive system. Blood is needed to help digest meals. According to Doctors Health Press, if you have digestive difficulties, you may also have circulatory problems. Since blood struggles to reach the stomach to aid digestion, you may develop diarrhea, stomach cramps, or nausea instead.
  11. Fatigue is number eleven. According to Doctors Health Press, if your circulation isn’t working properly, the oxygen, nitrogen, and other minerals your body needs to function properly won’t be delivered through your blood. Instead, it stacks what it has, making you feel like you’ve completed a marathon.

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