General information about health and food

Health and Food Food is everything that a person consumes in food and drinks, and it is also very important for human survival. But not everything that a person eats is beneficial. There are some foods that are harmful to health, which must be avoided by resorting to healthy food.

Where experts divided healthy food into groups, namely: the group of grains, the group of fruits and vegetables, the group of milk and its derivatives, the group of meat, the group of fats, and the group of sweets, and in this article we will mention general information about health and food.

0 seconds out of 0 seconds Size 0% General health and nutrition information Eat foods with no more than 20% fat, with an emphasis on monounsaturated fats; Such as olive oil, olive kernels, soybeans, avocado, walnuts, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds. Excessive intake of dietary fiber, that is approximately forty grams of fiber, especially fiber found in whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, because fiber facilitates the passage of food in the intestine, and removes excess estrogen, and toxins in the body. A healthy diet reduces weight, because the excess weight may increase the risk of cancer.

It creates a good feeling, and reduces the feeling of heaviness on the digestive system, by eating a lot, and eating small meals. It strengthens the immune system and is considered an antioxidant, by eating organic foods that are free of chemical pesticides, preservatives, food dyes, and foods rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants such as lettuce, and celery, carrots, garlic, lettuce, and onions. And broccoli. The benefits of some foods in the treatment of diseases Good fats for heart health Good and unsaturated fats reduce heart disease, as well as reduce high cholesterol in the blood, and they also raise the level of triglycerides in the blood.

Carbohydrates and fiber When eating low amounts of saturated fat in the diet, it must be ensured that the proportion of carbohydrates is not excessive; This is to compensate for the loss of fat and calories. Note: It is necessary to drink a lot of water, herbal tea, and green tea, as well as a lot of soft drinks, sweetened drinks, and those that contain caffeine.

The most important foods necessary for the human body are Proteins: The amount of protein a person needs per day is approximately forty-five grams for women, and fifty-five for men. Iron: The percentage of iron that a woman needs is about eighteen grams, but a man needs eight grams per day.

Zinc: The body needs zinc. This is to preserve the sense of smell and the immune system, as its deficiency leads to the emergence of many symptoms; Such as stunted growth, diarrhea, hair loss, and poor appetite.

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