Personality is defined as a set of traits or qualities that distinguish a person from another, whether related to his way of thinking, his style of dealing with others, or his judgment on matters, in addition to how he speaks, and there have been many researchers and doctors who have studied these behaviors and analyzed them from a psychological point of view to determine the basic characteristics of each person, and among the things that have been studied is the way one sits on the chair, which we will learn about in this article. Getting to know the character from the way of sitting The sitting on the edge of the chair, where the person sits at the edge of the chair at an angle, and this session is about a tense and anxious personality. He suffers from distractions in his thoughts.

He cannot think of one thing continuously, as he moves with his thoughts from one to the other at the same time, which leads to hasty and irrational decisions; Because of emotion and anger, he cannot hide his feelings and tends to express his feelings easily and without reservation.

The relaxed seating Forward, is an informal session, usually at home, or with friends and relatives.

The military session is the straight sitting, which is symbolized by healthy sitting so that the back is in a straight position on the back of the chair, where the person who sits in this way is characterized by strength and firmness, and the ability to plan and take decisions at the right time without any hesitation or doubt, and is characterized by being more accurate details, and is ready to sacrifice what he has for his principles and what he believes in.

The prone sitting This session suggests that the owner feels tired and exhausted, and cannot move, and it is actually similar to lying on the chair, as the owner of this session is distinguished by a unique personality that does not like to mix with others, but prefers to be isolated and isolated around oneself, as he does not care about the opinions of others and does not trust them, He is proud and trusts only himself.

The fixed sitting where stability is here in the feet specifically, where the seated is calm and does not move, and this indicates that he has a non-emotional, strong, and solid personality in the face of problems or difficulties that stand in his way, as he is a self-confident and independent personality, in addition to being organized.

The tilted sitting, where the seated person tends to one of the rights or left sides, and is in a state of lack of calm or stability, and this indicates a character that loves to take on adventures and challenges, as it is impulsive and loves betting and gambling, as it is a person who hates failure and always strives for success. Sitting with wide feet and sitting with each foot on one side at a distance, where the owner of this character is characterized by a love of control over all matters, even if he has nothing to do with it.

The interlaced sitting is by placing one foot on the other foot. The person who sits in this position is characterized by romance and the search for love. He is also an intuitive personality that relies on the sixth sense instead of logic to make decisions and judge different situations.

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