Green tea fights tooth decay

You’re not limited to green tea to help with weight loss, but it also helps treat gum and tooth problems, so what’s the truth about green tea for tooth decay?

Green tea is not only a fat burner, eat it, but it is a natural immune booster and rich in antioxidants to help prevent acne.

Prevention and prevention of diseases. And, what he called, what the humans called their names.

But what is the truth that green tea fights tooth decay? Let us tell you the truth about it.

Green tea fights tooth decay
And can be exposed to the prevention of tooth decay.

Here are some studies that show green tea fights tooth decay:

Therefore, they believe it is safe and beautiful for children and pregnant women.
Another study found that green tea extracts fight several types of bacteria that cause sore throats and tooth decay and prevent their growth.
Another study exemplified by sodium fluoride lotion (sodium fluoride) found that there was a significant reduction in green tea consumption compared to the cheaper children’s lotion.
Jazz studies green tea at green tea time.
What are the plant substances in green tea?
In case you are wondering what plants do you call green tea, green tea, green tea, green tea, green tea, green tea, fresh, polyphenols

Additionally, flavonoids, which are one of the natural antioxidants, are found in green tea leaves.

A study found that polyphenols in tea increased the growth of bacteria at a good rate, leading to fewer compounds being marketed.

It helps to fix the teeth on the teeth, prevents the occurrence of dental caries and also prevents tooth decay.

Generally, green tea and black tea are similar, except that green tea may contain less caffeine.

Benefits of green tea for health and teeth
Also, tea refers to their leaves

gum health
Green tea is anti-matter, hence the gummies.

Reduce tooth loss
Tea that ensures dental health and sense of smell.

Prevention of oral cancer
Antioxidant prophylaxis and other drugs.

Tips for drinking green tea
I wanted you to have five cups a day.

Spending a period of free time. Preferably prepared correctly and without sugar.

The correct configuration method is as follows:

Tea in tea leaves is better than tea bags, it is dried and the antioxidants are more concentrated.
Wash the tea leaves by cold pressing, preferably preserved plain, then filtered.
Add the tea leaves then put the tea leaves in the carafe of water beforehand.
Leave it for three minutes after the water boils, then steep the green tea leaves.
Strain the tea and drink it hot, or let it cool and brush your teeth.
Another tip: look for oral care products that contain green tea in their ingredients, such as toothpaste or toothpaste. It also helps promote the health of your mouth and teeth.

General effects of green tea
After knowing the fact that the reason for this can have effects:

Consuming large amounts of green tea has added effects, such as: headaches, diarrhea, the occurrence of sleep disturbances and diarrhea, and support for tachycardia due to its high caffeine content.
green tea.
It can cause tea in the body, take tea, take tea, take tea, eat, hold back, and sometimes if ingested into the body.
Consumption of green tea may increase blood pressure in people with high blood pressure.

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