6 obvious warning signs that your liver is full of toxins and making you fat (how to stop it)

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The liver is one of the most important organs of the body, performing more than 500 functions within the body, including removing toxins, so you need to take that into account and try to stay healthy.

According to the “Brightside” website, here is a list of tips for knowing when your liver needs help.

1-Liver pain:
Pain in the upper right abdomen is a sign that the liver may be in trouble. It is usually mild pain, and sometimes it becomes very severe.

Remember that the liver’s job is to remove toxins and help the body filter waste as well as digest food and turn it into food products. When infected with an illness, it cannot function efficiently, swells up painfully, and gives off signs of intoxication.

2- Leg and ankle swelling:
When you ignore the problem, the affected liver tries to repair itself at the cost of creating scar tissue. The more scar tissue, the harder the liver can work, which eventually leads to high blood pressure.

The latter causes fluid to build up in the legs (edema). The good news is that the swelling is not painful. It may affect both legs or thighs. However, the effect of gravity makes swelling more noticeable in the lower part of the body.

3- Gaining weight:
Every year, more people start to eat a healthy diet and exercise, but still have weight problems. If you are overweight and it does not appear to be caused by overeating or a hormonal imbalance, you may want to discuss liver function. Not appropriate with your doctor.

What happens is that your liver can’t handle all the toxins from (alcohol, artificial sweeteners, a high-fat diet, some medications, etc.). This mess with weight loss only if you help your body cleanse the overworked liver first.

4- Allergies:
Often, allergic reactions occur due to overactivity and sluggishness of the liver. When there are too many substances entering the bloodstream, the brain recognizes them as an allergen and releases antibodies and chemicals (histamine, etc.), which cause an itchy rash. A healthy liver, in turn, perfectly cleans the blood of all harmful particles and eliminates the effect of possible allergens on the body.

5- Yellow skin and yellow eyes:
When a person’s eyes or skin turn yellow, science calls it jaundice, which in itself is not a disease but a symptom of possible diseases, and it usually appears when the affected liver causes the accumulation of a lot of bilirubin in the digestive system, which is a yellow pigment formed as a result of the breakdown of blood cells Red dead liver.

6- Chronic fatigue
Chronic fatigue syndrome resembles a prolonged flu-like illness, and by definition, you must have symptoms for at least 6 months before you can be diagnosed with chronic fatigue from hepatotoxicity.

The liver contributes greatly to supplying the body with energy. It converts glucose into glycogen and stores it for later use. A healthy liver secretes glucose between meals or when it is needed for nutrition and energy. However, the affected liver can barely produce glucose and has very little storage space.

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