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You will never get rid of the banana peel after reading this

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Bananas are highly nutritious with B vitamins, potassium, folic acid, and magnesium, so it might come as a surprise to learn that this fruit has more than just a fleshy part inside.
Although we get rid of banana peels and they always end up in the trash, they have many different uses.

Before you throw banana peels in the trash next time, try these uses with banana peels, according to the Food World blog.

Banana peel tea:
A cup of banana peel tea is healthier than you think. Its properties help treat depression and insomnia, as well as improve immunity, metabolic function, and digestive health.

Boil clean, ripe banana peels for 10 minutes in two cups of water, and then drink it.

While eating:
Eating banana peels is very beneficial and nutritious as it contains a lot of nutrients.

Scratched CD:
If you have scratches on one of the rollers, rub those scratches inside the banana peel in circular motions. After scrubbing all the scratches, wipe the remaining bananas off the disc and buff them with a clean cloth.

For homemade shoe polish for silver or leather shoes, use immature leather to scrub the item—green leather doesn’t rub a jar of bananas quite like ripe ones, and they contain natural oils that can provide a good shine.

Sun protection:
In recent studies, banana peel alkalizing agents have been identified as having very effective anti-bacterial and anti-UV properties. When used as a facial scrub (in paste form), lutein

What the banana peel contains restores cells, controls melanin secretion, and treats pigmentation problems caused by sun damage.

Tooth whitener:
Bananas are not acidic or abrasive, so the smooth skin inside is a very natural way to gently exfoliate your teeth.

It is not intended to replace regular brushing, but rather complements the effectiveness of removing some stains and imparting a whiter glow.

house vinegar:
Fermented banana peels can be used to produce the unique taste of sweet and sour vinegar. Vinegar can not only be used in food dishes, but in various other useful ways, using the antiseptic properties of vinegar, you can also treat foot odor and fungal infections.

Meat Moisturizer:
Place the peel of a ripe banana in the bottom of the grill pan before adding the meat to the cooking. This prevents the meat from drying out and retains its liquid.

Banana sauce:
A nutritious and delicious way to consume the skin, while avoiding any waste, boil a banana with the peel and mash it with ginger, lemon, dates, sugar, curry powder, and onions, which should be kept in sterilized jars for a few weeks. Until ripe, and ripe and ready to eat.

  • Fertilizer :
    Banana peels are also useful in your garden, providing health boosters for potted plants, while banana peels decompose and release potassium, phosphorous, nitrogen, and magnesium into the soil, all by adding moisture—for those who have worms on farms, it’s a habit of eliminating them.

To attract and repel:
Butterflies love rotten banana peels, but aphids hate them, so use rotten banana peels in gardens to attract butterflies and repel insects, or bury them in the ground to get rid of pests.

Clear Pimples: The enzymes in the banana peel are known to treat pimples and fungal infections. Take the inside of the peel and cover the pimple with it for 24 hours, regenerating the crust until the pimple is gone.

Eye puffiness treatment: Banana peels are an easy way to get rid of puffy dark circles under the eyes. Uncover the white fibers from the banana peel and mix it with aloe vera gel, then apply the paste under your eyes for at least 30 minutes daily, to help reduce inflammation and balance the skin.

Soothes the skin and reduces inflammation:
Using the peel of a ripe banana, dig out the thicker white parts and make a core. Put it on your face for half an hour and let the nutrients soothe the skin and reduce inflammation. Enzymes remove toxins and provide moisture to hydrate the skin.

Reduce wrinkles:
Banana peels provide many benefits for skin care, rich in carbohydrates and nutrients that have anti-aging properties and fight wrinkles and blemishes. Apply the mashed banana paste on your skin, this is a natural facial moisturizer, that makes your skin smoother and healthier.

  • It lessens the pain:
    Frequent use of medications like ibuprofen to treat inflammation and muscle pain has long-term side effects and is not recommended for a healthy life. Recent studies have shown that athletes who ate bananas after exercise experienced reduced pain and swelling. The metabolites in bananas increase blood flow and have a similar effect to ibuprofen or aspirin. .

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