10 dream symbols you should never ignore

Dreams are a reflection of people’s consciousness, so they are a great source of fascination in human history. There is no doubt that there are connotations in dreams that allow us to decipher our pent-up thoughts and emotions, as the emotions and feelings prevailing in the subconscious mind appear as recurring symbols in dreams.

Whether these dreams express the truth or just a coincidence, there are signs that appear in your dreams that you should never ignore.

closed doors
The house is an example of the inner self, so the appearance of a closed door in your house is a sign that you are trying to hide something from you.

the birds

To kill a crow in your dream for example indicates that you cannot give up a habit, but not all birds mean a bad sign because the canary is a sign of happiness and harmony, so if you see a canary killing a crow in your dream it means that you will not leave this habit, but you feel that you are in Really good condition.


Dreams are a panel of the past, present and future, and experts in dream interpretation consider the appearance of an eclipse in a dream a dangerous indication, because it is a terrifying warning of losing hope or being unable to turn your heart. behind. Your friends because you don’t trust anyone anymore, or it could also mean that death is on its way to you.


There are symbols that mean a lot in some cultures, and fish is an example of this, and this is a big thing in the Islamic dream interpretation, because sea fish covered in salt are very exciting because they are permanent riches, and salt is used to preserve them. things for a long time.


It can be related to some different feelings you feel but they are all important but the most common meaning is a loss of control whether it is a bad situation or a bad relationship you need to think about what is going on in your life.

It can also be a sign that you will fail after a great success, such as climbing to the top of a mountain and then stumbling at the top and back down, to learn more about the interpretation of dreams, you can visit an Arabian bush.


With the advent of drone technology, the dream of being able to fly alone may come true in your life, but this dream means showing confidence, optimism and freedom, no matter how bleak the world can be at times, but you should take advantage of this positive feeling and see What you can achieve.

If you see yourself flying in your dream, this means that you should achieve ambition, dreams about flying indicate excessive freedom and you need to achieve and accomplish everything in your way.


The appearance of teeth in dreams indicates advanced age, while this dream is associated with other people who suffer from stress and anxiety, and the dream interpretation of tooth extraction indicates the necessity of getting out.

the death

A dream of death usually symbolizes the end of something, but in some cases dreams of death can also mean that a loved one is trying to communicate with you.


Money dreams are associated with prosperity, so if you see yourself earning a lot of money, then you are about to change your lifestyle. If you dreamed of losing money, this symbolizes your fear of losing money.


Fire dreams have many meanings depending on their context. For example, seeing fire from a distance means possibilities and a desire to transform, but if you see yourself playing with fire, then this means a warning about dangerous situations awaiting you, but if you dream of setting fire, then this symbolizes your repressed anger.

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