What is the shape of your fingers? This is what it says about your personality!

How do your fingers look?
Everyone’s hands and fingers look different. Big, small, thick, thin: they are all unique. However, it is possible to divide the fingers into approximately three types. There is the long, straight finger with a pointed top, the finger that ends with a more pointed tip, and the finger with large jagged knuckles and a rounded top. Each finger shape has a few unique personality traits, so your fingers can tell you a lot about yourself!
Take a look at the picture above to see if it’s type A, type B, or type C! This is what you say about your personality…

something like
You prefer to keep your private life, feelings, and secrets to yourself. It can be hard to know your “real” personality because you tend to build a wall around yourself. Only your good friends know how to get out of this. You are sweet, affectionate, and love animals. Your friends know you as someone with a kind heart and a unique sense of humor.

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write B
You are a loyal person and never give up on people. You will fall in love quickly. Sometimes it can be a little too fast because you give your heart to someone who can easily break it. This can cause problems for your confidence. For this reason, you do not always feel comfortable with strangers. You are a person with a clear goal, and if you work for something, you will always succeed.

write c
You are a person who primarily acts on your feelings, and sometimes you find it difficult to control those feelings. It turns you into an open book, but sometimes your emotions control you too much. You can easily get attached to things, people, and animals, but you can also let go of them if you have to. You always want to please everyone, which sometimes leads to taking care of others before taking care of yourself.

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