6 things that happen when you don’t shower for two days

What happens if you don’t shower? Should this be done regularly? No, Jake Gyllenhaal and Ashton Kutcher say they only do it if there’s visible dirt on their bodies and there’s nothing wrong with that, but experts say it’s something that shouldn’t be copied.

You certainly don’t need to shower twice a day and nothing will happen to you if you skip a day being too lazy or busy, but regular showering is essential and not just to avoid bad smells.

Experts advise that if you don’t want to shower every day, do it every two or three days, as excessive showering can cause irritation and dry skin, as it affects the natural oils that make up the barrier. It protects the skin from all the things it is exposed to on a daily basis.

But you can do this more often if you sweat a lot, exercise daily, or if you have a skin condition that requires more cleaning and hygiene. In the end, anyone can decide how often to wash but know that there are nasty side effects if you decide not to wash regularly.

What happens if you don’t shower regularly?

You may have more acne.
The causes of acne are numerous. They can be hormonal, after taking medications or even stress, but it also happens that they are caused by poor hygiene, and this is especially true for people who often go to bed without getting dressed. Face.

When skin is dirty, pores are more likely to clog and blackheads are more likely to appear, so it is important to have a good daily hygiene routine.

dead cells accumulate
This is a problem that can make you appear older than you. Without regular cleansing, dead cells build up on the skin, which can also lead to intense itching and a feeling of dry skin.

Dirt and dead skin buildup can cause red, inflamed, and even irritated areas of clothing.

Invasion of germs
You’re exposed to all kinds of germs and bacteria all day, and not showering causes a buildup. If you don’t shower regularly and use the scrub occasionally, it’s harder for the good bacteria to fight off the bad bacteria, which can lead to fungi and infections.

Also, if not all of these germs are killed, you are more likely to get sick.

Skin problems worsen
Brown spots (called neglected dermatitis, which leads to skin neglect), crusts, and dry patches can appear everywhere, but not only. Poor hygiene can make problems like dermatitis, eczema, and many other situations more difficult and irritating.

Your hair becomes more greasy
The scalp’s natural oils are essential to keeping it healthy, but when they build up, they make your hair dirty and greasy. You don’t have to wash your hair every day if you don’t need to, but if you leave it on for too long, you risk getting it dirty and your hair won’t look so healthy.

In addition, you may have scalp irritation, which may show irritation, inflammation, and flaking.

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