All you need is a tea bag and you’ll never see mice or spiders in your home again!

To preserve our health and the health of the people who live with us under one roof, we try by all means to keep our homes clean and new, away from any source of pollution. But sometimes, all it takes are tiny holes in the floor or cracks in the walls to penetrate something—mice, spiders, insects, etc. Take advantage of these access points to visit us. Here is a trick to get rid of it without using toxic chemicals!
Mice are famous for their ability to build their nests in well-hidden places where they are hard to notice and thus hunt. In addition to the very harmful effects of their presence on your health, since they carry an infinite number of disease-causing germs and defecate almost everywhere, mice also have an enormous reproduction rate, 5-10 liters per year with an average of 10 mice. For each litter, you may find yourself outnumbered by these rodents.

How do we discover their presence?
print paws in dusty places,
Traces of grease, urine, or black stools on the walls, especially in the kitchen,
traces of rodent cables, boxes, or plastic containers,
night sounds,
Strong and persistent unpleasant odor.
How do you get rid of it without toxic chemicals?
This trick will help you eliminate not only mice from your home but also spiders and other pests. All you need is a mint tea bag or more. Once the tea is steeped, save the tea bags and place them in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or anywhere you suspect mice.

The effectiveness of this trick comes from the strong smell of mint, which is certainly pleasant for humans, but it has great repellent power for rodents and insects.

You can also use mint leaves, or any other type of this plant, to make a concentrated solution, which you can sprinkle throughout your home, to drive away unwanted visitors, and eliminate their stubborn odors and nausea.

Other tips to get rid of mice, spiders, and insects in your home:
Be sure to check the condition of your home regularly and repair or seal any holes and cracks that may allow them to enter your home.
Do not leave leftovers, whether for human or animal consumption and store them in airtight glass containers that mice cannot gnaw at.
Place cotton balls moistened with peppermint essential oil at strategic access points, such as door sills, window sills, etc. Their strong scent will act as a barrier against insects, spiders, and mice.
To prevent spiders from entering your home, you can use lavender, in the form of essential oil or in bouquets, which you will place near doors and windows, or use tomato leaves, to replace once dry.

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