This is the pocket used on women’s panties

On a daily basis, we use all kinds of things. However, we know very little about why a particular item was created in the first place and its original purpose. In today’s article, we will show you how to use a wicker cover or small “pockets” of women’s underwear, etc.

  1. Pompom hats
    The first ball appeared in the nineteenth century among French sailors. At that time, ship cabins had low ceilings, so the bullet was used to prevent sailors from sustaining head injuries. After that, some other countries began to use knitted hats for these balls. Nowadays, such hats do not play such an important role, they are present from the aesthetic point of view of hats.
  2. Square diamond-shaped on the back
    Originally, it was very useful for camping, whether for ropes or mounting equipment to free up the arms. Nowadays, you can also hang something, but it will be more for decoration.
  3. Small pockets on women’s underwear
    There were many rumors that this pocket was hiding something valuable, but this is not true because this inner layer, according to sanitary standards, must be made of a special thin fabric. However, since it can cause discomfort if it is planted on both sides, one side is not cut off, and thus a pocket is formed.

4- The hole on the lollipop stick
Many people think that the hole in the stick is there to prevent choking, but this is not true. The thing is that the hole is just candy on a stick. During preparation, the hole is the first void to be filled and then makes itself a nipple.

  1. Lines on the toothpaste
    There is a myth that the black line on toothpaste represents chemicals and the green color represents the organic components of toothpaste. But the truth is that these lines are actually just barcodes and have nothing to do with the chemical makeup of the toothpaste. These barcodes are used for machines that produce toothpaste that have an aligned line of mechanically cut tubes.

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