We should all know these 10 things about our blood type!

“Blood group” refers to the classification of blood determined by the presence of antigens and antibodies on the surface of red blood cells. We classify into 4 groups: O, A, B, and AB. Each group has its own characteristics and can even affect different aspects of life, including predisposition to certain diseases, personality, fertility, etc. Here are 10 things to know about blood groups.
1-Blood type and nutrition:
Have you ever thought about it? Know your blood type to eat better. There are actually specific diets for every blood type, a theory put forward by naturopathic doctor James D’Adamo.

Thus, people with blood type A should avoid eating red meat and wheat, while people with blood type O should limit their consumption of dairy products, legumes, and peanuts. People belonging to group B should consume more fish, eggs, and vegetables. Finally, for blood type AB, it is advised to avoid red meat.

2-Blood type and diseases:
Much research has focused on studying the susceptibility of certain blood groups to certain diseases.
It has been proven that the presence of a certain gene in the blood of people with blood groups A, B, and AB increases the risk of heart attacks.

People with type O blood are more likely to develop stomach ulcers and cholera.
The prevalence of pancreatic cancer and ovarian cancer will be higher among carriers of group AB and B.

3- Blood type and personality:
In some cultures, blood type can determine an individual’s personality and character. In Japan, in particular, it is necessary to know the blood type of the person you marry, recruit, or rub shoulders with!

These are the characteristics of each blood group:
Group O: Optimistic, absurd, ambitious, self-confident
Group 1: reserved, shy, meticulous, stubborn, introverted
Group B: irresponsible, optimistic, creative, emotional
Group AB: hesitant, sympathetic, rational, introverted
4- Blood type and fertility:
And yes, your blood type can have an effect on your fertility. The facts were confirmed by a study conducted by Yale University and Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, which included 560 women with an average age of 35 years.

The researchers checked each woman’s blood type and then measured the level of the fertility hormone, FSH. It turns out that women who belong to type O may find it difficult to get pregnant, because they are more likely to have higher FSH levels and therefore fewer eggs, unlike women with blood type A.
5- Blood type and stress:
People of each blood type react differently to stressful situations, depending on the levels of cortisol and adrenaline in the blood. Thus, group O is characterized by high levels of adrenaline, which makes it jittery. Meanwhile, the AB group is characterized by cortisol levels that maintain a certain stability. So people in this group can better resist stress.

6- Blood type and its antigens
There is a difference in antigens in each blood group:

Group O: Contains no antigens but contains both A and B . antibodies
Group A: Contains both A and B antigens. Antibodies
Group B: Contains B and A antigens. Antibodies
Group AB: Contains A and B antigens but no antibodies
7- Blood type and obesity:
Did you know that your blood type can affect your weight? According to some studies, people with blood type O are more prone to excessive fat accumulation and obesity, especially if they live in a polluted environment.

8- Blood type and pregnancy:
The Rh factor is a molecule found on the surface of red blood cells. It is estimated that 85% of the population has positive rhesus, while the remaining 15% has negative rhesus.
Thus, Rhesus incompatibility (Rh- woman and Rh + man) can lead to a risk of pregnancy.

9- Blood type and sports:
Every blood type should exercise that meets their needs and helps them feel comfortable. Thus, due to their nervous nature, people in group O should resort to Zen and relaxation activities such as yoga.

10-Blood type and emergency:
It is always important to have your blood type card because, in the event of an accident and the need for a blood transfusion, the doctors will know your blood type right away and not waste time.

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