8 things your eyes tell you about your health

Your eyes are a mirror of your health. Here’s how to massage your eyes if you suffer from hypothyroidism, diabetes, migraines, stroke, etc.
eyebrows disappear
If the outer third of your eyebrows begins to disappear for no apparent reason, it could be a sign of thyroid disease.

prolonged blepharitis
If you get blepharitis and it doesn’t go away within 3 months or if it keeps coming back at the same time, this may indicate a rare type of sebaceous gland cancer of the skin.

Blurry vision and burning in the eyes when using the computer
These conditions affecting the eyes are due to the use of computers and other machines, lack of color adjustment and computer screen power, and eye strain when focusing on pixels.

A small black dot in your eye with wavy lines or flashing lights
This blurring of sight is caused by the sister’s aura. It is sometimes followed by a headache.

Yellowing of the whites of the eyes
This is a sign of Sophora (hepatitis). It occurs in newborns due to insufficient maturity of the liver, or an adult can develop it due to problems with the liver, bile ducts, or gallbladder.

puffy eyes
If the eyes appear protruding, it is possible that you have an overactive thyroid gland or, in other words, you have hyperthyroidism.

Sudden darkening, double vision, or double vision
These symptoms warn of a stroke.

blurred vision in diabetics
People with diabetes are more prone to a number of eye problems. Retinopathy is the most common eye problem and the number one cause of adult blindness in America.

It is a condition that affects the blood circulation of the eye.

With the exception of diabetes, watching videos on the computer and working on the computer are some of the factors that contribute to the increase in eye problems caused by fatigue.

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