Early cancer is a sign everyone ignores

The human body always sends signals… Too bad our consciousness rarely recognizes them. A lot can change if we learn to live in synchrony between the signals of our body and our mind because our internal body language is something that never lies. We just have to “open our ears”.

Or to be more precise, our fifth sense in this case.

Here are the most common early signs of cancer, not just you, but nearly 90% of people ignore them.

persistent cough
A cough that “never goes away” is not a normal thing you experience. If you notice this, along with loss or decreased appetite, shortness of breath, and sudden weight loss, it could be a sign that lung cancer is developing somewhere in your body‚Ķ

skin tumors

Skin differences happen daily and most of the time we tend to ignore them and practice them during the day and then kind of get used to having them without further deliberation. However, if there is a lump of skin, followed by a hard knot in the armpit or breast, there is irritation or inflammation that you don’t know where it is coming from, or if you have birthplace changes or similar things, it may be best to do it. Don’t ignore it and make an appointment with your doctor.

sudden weight loss
Losing weight is something that 90% of the population tends to achieve. This is why when this happens, they are tempted to immediately assume that something is wrong. However, if you also have a dislike of meat, tiredness, and fatigue, low blood pressure or anemia, strange stools, and it’s hard to “excrete” anything and it doesn’t go away in a few days, it could be an early sign of an upset stomach. cancer.

Itchy skin can be caused by many things, for example, a change of washing powder. But if it doesn’t go away and there is a sudden loss of breath, it could be an early sign of brain cancer (especially if your nose is itchy) or a uterine tumor – if you can’t avoid itching). The!

secretion during urination
These symptoms, along with high blood pressure, bloody urine, and kidney pain, can be early signs of kidney cancer.

Changes in bowel function
If you have blood in your stool, followed by spontaneous defecation, and it lasts more than a week, you should definitely see your doctor. Cancer can affect many parts of the intestine.

None of these symptoms listed in the article should cause you to panic and complete end-state scenarios. A doctor is a person who specializes in diagnosing. We only take care of you and “push” you towards better health and better health.

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