Red alert: If you see this on your nails, see a doctor immediately!

If you look closely at your nails, you may see small white spots that have long been associated with a lack of calcium in the body. But this is not so. These spots are probably a symptom of leukemia, a disease that affects many people.
It has long been believed that calcium deficiency, and this idea received by people with white spots on their nails, led to increased consumption of dairy products. But it turned out that they had an unknown condition, which is especially manifested in the appearance of ugly and harmless spots.

Often these spots are the result of trauma, blow, impact, or inflammation of the nail bed, which leads to an imbalance in the level of keratinization. According to Dr. Pablo Unamuno, chief of dermatology at Salamanca Hospital and member of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, since the nail grows by one millimeter every ten days, if the spot is in the middle of the nail, the effect should be. . I signed up three months ago.

These small lesions, which appear as a result of the use of aggressive nail products (manicure and varnish), biting during nail biting, blows, or bad skin, are symptoms of leukoplakia.

What is leukemia?
When the nail is healthy, it is translucent with a pinkish appearance. If you notice a change in color, then it may be a symptom of various diseases, among which is leukemia. This disease is manifested by partial or complete discoloration of the nails and the appearance of white and yellow spots.
It can affect one or more fingers and can be more or less pronounced, we are talking about three types of leukemia:

Leukemia appears: the color of the nail is white
Pointed leukemia: A small number of white spots that appear on the nail
Total leukemia: the nail is completely white
This disease can be caused by trauma, nail fungus, kidney failure, heart disease, cirrhosis of the liver, and skin disease, depending on how widespread the spots are.

What is the treatment for leukemia?
So far, there is no cure for leukemia, and the best thing is to be patient and wait for the nail to grow enough to cut the area where the spot is. In the meantime, lovers of dark paint can cover their nails to hide the white lesions.

If you notice a “small” spot, don’t panic because it’s probably harmless, on the other hand, if you notice a white streak across the width of the nail, it must be a shock. If this is the case, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist.

Be absolutely careful because if your nails become completely white or even opaque (total leukemia), consult quickly as this could be a sign of disease.

How do we prevent leukemia?
The best way to avoid this disease is to take care of your nails regularly with a daily moisturizing hand and nail cream, clean them with a special brush, and occasionally maintain them with a wooden nail file and adopt a healthy cream. . a balanced diet.

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