Say goodbye to insects! Best tips to get rid of cockroaches, ants, flies and mosquitoes

The hot weather is back. No wonder the home and garden are teeming with these fearsome and often difficult-to-eradicate insects. Whether it crawls or flies, coexistence is unbearable. Flies and mosquitoes constantly fly around you, ants even invite themselves to your pantry, and ugly cockroaches appear without warning. A real nightmare! Yes, we give them to you, and driving them out of your house is definitely the worst chore. Especially since many of you are hostile to chemicals that pollute the environment. But rest assured, we have the solution!

No more jumping issues once the cockroach appears. There is no way to let all the other creatures destroy your life either. Especially when it’s the perfect time to get out and take full advantage of your balcony. How to catch all these insects once and for all? Here is a list of tips that will comfort you the most!
Your choice: cleaner or vinegar to get rid of ants
Is your house full of insects? Besides insecticides to kill ants and cockroaches, there are of course natural options that have been widely proven to get rid of this pest.

There are two very effective methods available to you:

Mix dishwashing liquid with water (1:2). In that case, you no longer need to go through the anthill, you can spray the substance directly on ants that are wandering around your house or have begun to form a ball.
The same principle applies to this other mixture: white vinegar and water in equal parts. This powerful natural pesticide will definitely solve your ant problem. The latter does not support the citrus aroma. Store this solution in a spray bottle and use it regularly to ward off these tiny insects that breed in different areas of your home. Moreover, white vinegar is also excellent for repelling cockroaches. Spray the bottom of walls, furniture corners, under the sink, and any other nooks and crannies you might come across.
Bet on lemongrass, its scent repels mosquitoes, flies, and ants
Have you ever tried lemongrass? This medicinal plant acts as a real insect repellent. Thanks to the scent it emits, it acts as an ideal repellent for flies, mosquitoes, and even ants. All these insects suffocate as soon as they approach them!

How can this be applied? Simply put some lemongrass leaves or another aromatic ingredient like essential oil, incense, or a scented candle. Put them in different areas of the house and even on the balcony. This way, once the scent wraps around them, they will all fall down like flies! which leaves you on your own for a long time.

Also bet on aromatic herbs that smell suffocating to all these insects, such as basil, mint, lemon, lavender, rosemary or even wormwood.

Citrus peel: anti-mosquito solution
Another good trick to get rid of mosquitoes, flies, and ants is to use orange or lemon peel. Above all, do not throw them in the trash, they will serve you in many ways!

Kill two birds with one stone: This bark will act as a natural deodorizer to get rid of unpleasant odors in certain areas of the house, but also as a top-notch repellent to keep all of these pests out. Who would have thought that a simple zest of orange or lemon could save you from all mosquito bites?

The little trick: Use a suitable electric bug repellent to put some citrus peel on it. When you burn lightly, fumes will come out all over the house. You’ll then smell nice and purifying, but it would be especially nice to banish all those undesirables.

Insecticide, the deadly weapon
To eliminate insects, especially cockroaches, insecticides are an essential asset that you should always have on hand. You still have to learn how to use it! Because if it is not applied properly, it will be completely ineffective and you will complain about wastage. Did you know, for example, that it does not work quickly if you spray it directly on the cockroach? This is because the latter breathes through their stomach, while the upper part has a kind of casing that creates protection, thus preventing the product from working quickly. So, when you come across one, place the product under its body, close to the floor!

As for ants, as you have noticed, they often arrive in groups. The best thing to do is to do the same. Find out where they come from so you can spray the insecticide directly onto the anthill instead of trying to kill them one by one. This way you will prevent infection at home.

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