Stomach cancer grows silently, so these are the first signs that it is important to be vigilant

Cancer is a serious disease and has many types, including stomach cancer. Learn about its causes, symptoms, and available means of treating it.

Cancer is a common disease, as it can strike a person suddenly, or there are symptoms that indicate that cancer is approaching, and stomach cancer is a serious type of cancer because it can reach the esophagus and small intestine.

cause stomach cancer
One of the most important causes of stomach cancer in humans is poor nutrition, and this has been proven by studies conducted in this field, which showed that smoked foods and salty foods clearly contribute to stomach cancer.
A person develops stomach cancer due to a genetic factor, and a family member has had the disease before.
Smoking, drug addiction, and alcohol abuse lead to stomach cancer.
Stomach cancer symptoms
It is important to detect stomach cancer early so that treatment can be carried out quickly and the person does not have complications from the disease. The most prominent symptoms of the disease are:

Indigestion persists.
Frequent vomiting and nausea
Difficulty swallowing
Obvious loss of appetite
Gastrointestinal bleeding and black stools
Weight loss.
presence of blood during vomiting.
Symptoms of benign stomach cancer
Benign gastric cancer is a mass of cells found in the lining of the stomach. It usually has no obvious signs or symptoms but is detected by a medical professional. It should be noted that benign stomach tumors may result in the future. Especially if he does not pay attention, this may lead to stomach cancer. There are some simple symptoms that if the patient appears, he should go to the doctor, including:

The presence of blood in the stool.
abdominal pain when pressed.
feeling sick
If you experience any of these symptoms, see your doctor for an immediate diagnosis

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