If you have these two holes in your back, you are a special person! This is what they say about you…

Have you ever noticed that there are two holes in your lower back, exactly where the lumbosacral site is? Maybe you have some too?

Both of these signs can appear in both men and women. They are called the holes of the flower in women and the holes of Apollo in men and they are located in the lower part of the lumbosacral lower back, where two bones connect to the pelvis.

Where exactly are these two holes?
Holes of Venus or Apollo appear only in genetically predisposed people who have correctly placed the ligaments in the back.
If you have it too, it means that you have good blood circulation and a perfectly healthy body.

This also means that it is easier to achieve sexual satisfaction for your partner, lover, or companion, as good blood circulation is essential for a healthy and successful sex life.

And for those who want to show it?
These two curious weights cannot be created by exercise, because they are located in areas devoid of muscle. However, if you lose a little weight, it is likely that it will appear. However, this appearance will not give you a special advantage. the person!

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