Why do women put cabbage leaves on their chests? The result will amaze you!

There are many women in the world who advise their mothers and grandmothers to put cabbage leaves (always clean and fresh) on their breasts. Why do they do that?

When modern cosmetics, hormonal treatments, and other scientific and aesthetic advances did not exist, women turned to natural remedies to deal with all kinds of physical discomforts. All of these remedies were so beneficial that cosmetic companies themselves often included them in their formula, and many women still use them in their daily lives. Evening primrose to relieve premenstrual syndrome, hypericum to improve mild depression, lemon blossom to relax or fennel to improve heavy digestion.

On the other hand, cabbage is highly recommended thanks to its many nutritional properties. It is very low in calories and contains a lot of water, vitamins A, C, E, B, and minerals like potassium, calcium, sulfur, and others. It is a staple in the diet because it is so versatile and can be cooked in many ways: steamed, in salads, sauteed, in soups, sauteed, even in smoothies!

Besides all this, cabbage is a great ally in the fight against mastitis, so put a good cabbage leaf on each breast, under your bra for a while. Although this trick is recommended above all for breastfeeding women, to combat the discomfort caused by excess milk, especially in the first weeks, until breastfeeding is regulated, the fact is that it can be used for any type of mastitis: also for women with mastitis udder; mastitis; Breast pain in the days before your period.

What is the reason for the so-called miraculous effect of cabbage?
If cabbage leaves, always clean and dry, are applied to the breast after placing them in the refrigerator for at least an hour, they act as a cold compress for about 20 minutes, which may help reduce breast engorgement and relieve discomfort. Of course, as soon as the cabbage warms up and adapts to room temperature, it is recommended to use a new leaf, as it will lose its anti-inflammatory properties.

Although there is no scientific evidence to support this practice, the truth is that many women around the world claim that their chests are soothed when using cabbage leaves to reduce breast swelling.

It is important to remember that it is better not to abuse this method, because the cold can narrow the breast ducts and, as a result, worsen the outflow of milk. Therefore, it is preferable to use it at the specified times between meals and to stop taking it during lactation.

Another important aspect is to always keep the nipple on, as applying cold cabbage leaves can cause pain, in this case, due to lack of blood supply.

Although the application of cabbage leaves is especially recommended during breastfeeding, many women also use it during the days leading up to menstruation, when the breasts are swollen and uncomfortable.

Massaging the nipple area is also helpful in relieving swollen breasts while breastfeeding. Called “softening the back pressure”, it consists of massaging from the nipple to the ribs in order to decongest the area and promote the flow of milk when the baby is feeding.

Despite all these home hacks, there are still a lot of women who struggle with breastfeeding and even feel guilty about not being able to enjoy the most precious moment with their babies.

It is important to eliminate this guilt and accept that breastfeeding is a world and that sometimes things don’t go as planned, because if for many women breastfeeding is sewing and singing on all sides, it seems like a good problem to others.

A good option if we want to continue is to contact a counseling group that can advise us on tips and situations that make breastfeeding easier. If the inflammation persists and is very bothersome, it is best to consult a doctor, as some medications can relieve symptoms and are compatible with breastfeeding.

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