6 feminine behaviors that men love in women

It may be a matter of culture or heritage. Women believe that men have hearts of stone and that signs of emotion, especially those expressed in public, make them feel uncomfortable. However, under this hardcover, men also need this amount of love, tenderness, and affection. On top of that, all it takes is a few gentle and tender gestures for them to put their arms up and be overwhelmed by their feelings. Here are 6 feminine behaviors that men like in their other partners.

1- To place her head on his chest

This emotional and spontaneous movement is very much appreciated by the man because it highlights the character of the protective tendency of women that men have in general, which gives the partner a feeling of security and serenity. This touch also expresses the woman’s need to feel the presence of a male that reassures her and calms her nerves when she needs him.

2- Playing with his hair while driving

This light touch gives a wonderful feeling of emotional satisfaction to a man. These small blows to the neck and head release oxytocin (the happiness hormone) and are seen by men as a spontaneous expression of love and the need for physical contact.

3- Praise her in public

Even if he doesn’t show it, a man needs to be praised and appreciated just as much as a woman. Because of his always-active competitive spirit, he always needs reassurance about his level of satisfaction with his relationship, so feel free to show him your gratitude, compliment him, and shower him with praise, especially in public and on social media. Besides adding to his ego, which he will obviously appreciate, he will do more for you and you will like it.

4- Always listen to her

It is in the nature of a man that he generally prefers to solve his problems on his own and does not show any weaknesses in his personality. But when he finally decides to open his heart and trust his partner, he wants to be heard. And when he sees you listening very attentively to what his lips say when he talks to you about his concerns or shares with you his future plans, it means to him that it is a sign of love and concern and that he is closer to him. . You are.

5- Call or text him even if he is busy

In any romantic relationship, it is normal for both partners to be preoccupied with activities and interests that are independent of each other. It is important and necessary to keep the flame of love, not neglect the other, and call him or send him a sweet message, especially when he is at the height of his concern because it is evidence that you are thinking of him. This priority is always with him.

6- Show her your love in public

While kissing him on the street may seem awkward, or trying to hug him in front of his parents, these moves make his heart beat with your love and raise his ego level, and that is important. To him, it’s your way of showing how proud you are to be with him and not get in his way.

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