You may not know the reasons for washing the toilet after peeing

Our home toilets are not trash cans made to empty personal care and hygiene products. Here’s what you shouldn’t clean in the bathroom.
There are only three things you can flush down the toilet: urine, feces, and toilet paper. Any human feces, or the three elements: urine, feces, and paper.

The sewage path generally takes one of two directions. You can either direct it to your community’s local sewer or to a septic tank near your home.

Before reaching the local sewage treatment plant, sewage passes through a sieve of metal rods that filters items and large objects that go down the drain.

From there everything goes to a sedimentation tank where solids such as sand and gravel that have been dredged to the bottom settle to the bottom.

These first treatment plants are also responsible for the disposal of other “breakable liquids”.

Did you know that 50% of what is said to be non-dispersible in sewage is paper towels from public restrooms, followed by 25% baby wipes, then a mixture of condoms, cosmetic wipes, tampons, and diapers? “Other things?”

Finally, after passing through the primary sedimentation tanks, the wastewater continues the cleaning process through aeration ponds, new sedimentation tanks, and in some cases, tertiary treatment facilities where it is disinfected with chlorine and/or radiation. UV.

Ultimately, in the most advanced wastewater treatment systems, we can recycle water that can be used for agriculture or for human consumption.

However, there is no perfect sewage system. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), only 27% of the world’s population (about 1.9 billion people) use private sanitation facilities connected to the sewers from which wastewater is treated.

We have all made mistakes and we can all change our daily habits. Even if it takes time. It’s just a matter of thinking twice before flushing the toilet.

Remember that by adopting new behaviors, you are reducing the amount of toxic and potentially harmful substances and chemicals that interact with water and marine life.

When you flush these 20 items down the toilet, you not only damage the plumbing but also contaminate the local water supply.

Some are pretty straightforward, but there are also a few that we thought were good, but that shouldn’t go down the drain.

Ask your children to follow good bathroom hygiene practices. Avoid flushing the following things down the toilet:

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