7 symptoms of kidney stones .. know how to get rid of them

What causes kidney stones?
If kidney stones remain undetected for a long time, they lodge in the ureters, which can block urine flow and cause the kidneys to enlarge. Some causes of this condition include diet, excess body weight, certain medical conditions, and certain supplements and medications.

Common symptoms of kidney stones

The condition comes with a range of not-so-silent signs and symptoms. Here is a list to watch out for:

Sudden changes in urine color, pain or burning when urinating, pain spreading to the lower abdomen and groin, and pain in the sides (the location of the kidneys).

Unusual symptoms of kidney stones

Kidney stones can be painful and can make your daily life a problem. Here are some warning symptoms that may go undetected while you have a kidney stone:

feeling pain in the lower back.
blood in the urine;
feeling pain while urinating.
inability to urinate properly.
The urine smells foul.
fever and chills
How to get rid of kidney stones naturally

There are many home remedies that can effectively help get rid of kidney stones naturally, here is a list of some of them:

Increase fluid intake, drink plenty of water, take a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil; add apple juice. Use vinegar for your diet, and consume celery juice.

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