7 great ways to use baby powder in your home

We all love the smell of baby powder. It is light, soft, and suitable for the skin. In this article, I will enlighten you with some amazing tricks that you can use to make baby powder.

Don’t be surprised if you’re told the unexpected things baby powder can do from your bathroom to your backyard.

  1. Use it gently under your papers
    Sleeping on a hotbed all the time is not great, especially in the summer. The AC unit and fan work great, but what if you find something to use on your bed to make it cooler?

It’s a great idea, using baby powder on your sheets will make your bed cooler and you will have a good sleep, just sprinkle the powder on the bed in the morning and in the evening when you are ready to turn your bed. Gorgeous and comfortable.

Who knew it was possible?

  1. Absorbs greasy stains on clothes
    Grease stains on clothes are certainly not aesthetically pleasing. The worst case scenario is wearing clothes and spraying grease on them.
    Don’t panic and you don’t even have to change. Take a bottle of baby powder and dab a little on the stained area.

Leave it for a few minutes and then shake off the dust. The baby powder acts as an absorbent material, so there should be no visible oil stains on the clothes

  1. Cool Powder Kids Shoes
    Smelly shoes can be very embarrassing. They can even make your whole house smell really bad to make your shoes smell good.

Try this simple trick, sprinkle baby powder in your shoes and leave it on overnight.
In the morning, take out the powder and your shoes will be ready for your feet. The good thing about it is that there is no bad smell, so get rid of it and do whatever you want. They will not bother you anymore.

  1. The perfect insect repellent
    What about annoying insects that no one wants to be around and seem to invite themselves into unwanted places?

These little creatures should not be judged by their size. It can be as dangerous as a large animal. Fortunately, they are easily eliminated.
With a few drops of baby powder under windows, doors, and wherever they travel. The powder will keep them from moving. Then they will eventually die. That is how easy it is to get rid of these pests. It also works wonders in eliminating insects from your garden.

  1. Personal dry shampoo
    If your hair is greasy. The dry shampoo mix of baby powder will reduce the buildup of oil in your hair. It is very simple, no need to go to a hair salon for this treatment.

Mix a mixture of baking soda and baby powder. Rub it directly into your scalp like a regular shampoo.
The mixture will work to break down the oil that has accumulated on your hair, leaving it soft, refreshed, and ready for styling.

  1. Feet are full of vitality
    Sweaty feet can be really disgusting. It all depends on the shoes you’re wearing, but if you want to get rid of sweat odor, just do this simple trick.

All you have to do is dust the baby powder on your feet before putting it in your shoes. Focus on what’s between your toes, because your toes are the source of the smell. Practice this trick every day and your feet will never sweat again.

  1. Get rid of cold kitchen sinks
    It’s very easy to do. Simply sprinkle the baby powder into the grinder. This will make the aroma-eliminating flavor refreshing.

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