10 drinks that detoxify the kidneys

1- The benefits of drinking water are many for the necessity of life and human health, such as: expelling toxins, transporting nutrients, and regulating body temperature, and its benefits increase for the renal system in particular, such as eating. Adequate water helps increase the kidneys’ ability to filter waste and toxins from the blood through the urethra, preventing dehydration and gallstones.

Coconut water is a natural drink that is low in sugar and acidity, free of calories, and rich in electrolytes that promote healthy kidney function.

2- Cranberry juice drink is characterized by its red color and pungent taste, and its benefits for the urinary tract and kidney cleansing of excess calcium oxalate, because it contains compounds that can stop the growth of colon bacteria that cause 80-90% of infections. . And urinary tract infections, and research has confirmed that drinking a glass of cranberry juice daily reduces the frequency of infection with this infection in women.

3- Citrus juices contain a high percentage of citrate, lemon juice is one of the drinks that help reduce stones and cleanse the kidneys, and a glass of fresh lemon juice daily helps eliminate toxins from the body.

4- Eating apple cider vinegar helps to get rid of toxins from the body and promotes the health of organs, especially the kidneys. The acids in this drink, such as citric acid, acetic acid, and phosphorous acid, work to break down and prevent the formation of kidney stones.

5-Carrots contain many nutrients that are beneficial to the health of the body, such as fiber and carotene, which help fight cancer and get rid of toxins and heavy metals from the kidneys and liver.

6- Moderate consumption of grape juice helps maintain the renal system, and also protects the heart of kidney patients, according to a recent study presented at the meeting of the American National Kidney Foundation.

7-Recent studies have proven the importance of juices extracted from vegetables such as celery, cucumbers, spinach,, and lettuce, because they are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, in addition to their multiple benefits in promoting kidney health.

8- Pineapple is classified as a fruit rich in nutrients and antioxidants. It also contains a phytonutrient called bromelain, an enzyme that improves kidney function, supports the immune system, and calms irritation.

9- Beetroot contains betaine, a phytochemical that has antioxidant properties and increases the acidity of urine. It also helps to eliminate calcium phosphate and struvite accumulation from the kidneys and reduces the formation of stones.

10-Green tea is one of the best drinks that improve the work of the kidneys, as it contains antioxidants, removes toxins, and improves the metabolism process.

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