10 signs your body showed before you had a stroke

A stroke is a health event that can affect certain things, regardless of some warning signs!
Stroke is caused by a disorder that occurs in the brain in relation to the blood vessels, which in turn leads to a lack of nutrients in the brain cells in the next area. This can lead to increased energy efficiency. A warning sign of exposure to this dangerous event: prevention is better than cure!

  1. Loss of sight or visual vision
    Signs such as loss of visual acuity, loss of vision in one eye and sometimes in both eyes, or complete loss of vision can be symptoms of a stroke.
  2. Sudden dizziness
    His name was mentioned in the study of the radiology department.
  3. Language selection
    In the beginning, you constantly talk with false indicators about common information such as time, date, or weather only, and you may indulge in delusions and hallucinations about various topics, indicators that are a strong indicator of a particular brain indicator.
  4. Sudden weakness in the extremities
    Tension, pressure, and loss of tone can be tested in the legs or arms, and your arms, you only need one arm to indicate the muscles.
  5. Unilateral facial pain
    This type of pain is a common symptom of a stroke, but if you feel sudden pain on one side of your face, it may
  6. Or a severe headache or headache
    Researchers have concluded that migraines are not severe headaches or migraines with intense pain accompanied by an “aura” — also called ocular migraines — that are warning signs of this disabling, or even fatal, event. The image shows optical effects that appear on the image of flashes of light.
  1. Facial paralysis
    If your face is semi-paralyzed, this is a strong indication that you have had a stroke.
  2. Fatigue
    Studies have also shown that with stroke, especially in women, signs of fatigue, disorientation, disorientation, and exhaustion appear.
  3. Hiccups
    Since it is a sign that is primarily concerned with women, frequent and sudden hiccups may be indicative of an attack on the part of the brain that regulates breathing.
  4. Shortness of breath and shivering
    If a stroke occurs, you are likely to experience a sudden loss of breath, which leads to increasingly interrupted breathing. This indicates an irregular heartbeat due to a lack of oxygen. Another indicator that should not be ignored.

Finally, to prevent strokes, it is important to lead a healthy lifestyle based primarily on a normal and balanced diet, regular exercise, and rest. Also, reduce alcohol consumption, fight weight gain, and if so, stop smoking immediately!

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