6 Natural Remedies for Dry, Chapped Lips

Our lips lose moisture for a variety of reasons, including changing seasons, unhealthy habits like lip licking, and our diet. “Lip loss is especially common in the winter months because the cold, dry heat in homes and cars essentially dries out the skin,” Dr. Lauren Adams, MD, a dermatologist at White Plains Forever Hospital, told The Associated Press. But do you know how to get rid of dry lips with the things you can find inside them? While it is important to stock up on lip balm, these home remedies can also help treat chapped lips quickly.

  1. Almond oil.
    You can use almond oil for many functions including getting rid of dry lips. Almond oil is rich in fatty acids and has a long history of treating eczema. You only need to put a few drops on your lips, but people who are allergic to almonds should not use it. Almond oil is also a good remedy for dry and damaged hair.
  2. Coconut oil
    Coconut or coconut oil is a good antiseptic and moisturizes the skin. It also has anti-staphylococcal properties that can help prevent bacterial infections of severely chapped lips.
  3. Cucumber
    There are many solutions to get rid of dry and chapped lips in the refrigerator. Cucumber is an ideal remedy for dry and painful lips. This green vegetable can gently moisturize your lips while providing your skin with the vitamins and minerals needed to keep your lips looking flawless.
  4. Hydration.
    Your lips can become very dry while you sleep. But how do you get rid of dry lips that happen overnight? The solution: Keep a humidifier in your room. Vaseline can do the trick because it’s an instant moisturizer.
  5. Exfoliate your lips with honey and coarse sugar.
    Exfoliating your lips with a good exfoliator can help remove dead skin and help your lips feel moisturized and smooth.
    “If you have persistent chapped lips, you may need a lip scrub,” says Adina Mahley, MD, an expert in hair and skin. “Sugar has properties that make it an excellent natural exfoliant. Honey is also a humectant. The natural sugars in honey act as humectants, further controlling your skin’s moisture content. We recommend making a mixture of sugar and honey and applying it to the lips and then scrubbing it with a clean toothbrush.”
  6. Green tea bags.
    This is one of the oldest and most effective treatments for chapped lips. After steeping the tea, remove the bag and rub it on your lips to exfoliate them. Green tea is not only rich in antioxidants and minerals,

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