Natural remedies to treat pimples on the tongue at home

Tongue bumps are caused by a fungal infection.

The tongue is one of the strongest muscles in the human body, but the tongue goes through many problems.
One of the most important issues facing the language is; Pimples that appear in the form of white spots cause discomfort to humans and are caused by a fungal infection, which is due to many different causes and has many treatment methods.

Causes of tongue pills:
Smoking is one of the biggest factors behind tongue pills.
Some foods that help irritate the mouth, such as spices, hot and hot foods.
Oral polyps and fibroids result from injury to the tongue.
Gastrointestinal and colon disorders.
Exposure to fear, anxiety, tension, and various psychological pressures.
Anemia is caused by low red blood cell count and iron deficiency in the body.
Smallpox infection affects the whole body with red spots.
Certain types of foods such as eggs, milk, nuts, various types of fish, shellfish, and wheat.
Some types of medications interact with the immune system.
Exposure to oral infections that cause ulcers, blisters, and pimples affects children more.

Ways to treat tongue pills:
Ice treatment for tongue pills:
Ice is a quick way to relieve pain from tongue bumps by placing a piece of ice on the tongue and repeating it.

Turmeric to treat tongue bumps:
Turmeric contains a lot of nutrients. That it contains antioxidants that help get rid of the grains that affect the tongue, adding turmeric to honey and making a paste that is placed on pimples and grains using cotton balls, then left on the grains for a while and washed with lukewarm water.

tea oil:
One of the distinctive ways that help to get rid of the pills that affect the tongue, because it contains antibacterials and germs, is rinsing daily with a mixture of water and drops of tea oil.

Sodium bicarbonate to treat tongue bumps:
It is one of the ingredients that help you get rid of pimples that affect the tongue, and helps to get rid of germs and bacteria that cause tongue ulcers,

It also works to rebalance the mouth basin by mixing baking soda with a glass of water and gargling daily.
Basil to get rid of tongue blisters:

Helps get rid of pimples that affect the tongue. Because it contains antibacterials, placing basil leaves in a glass of water relieves the graininess that appears on the tongue.

Coriander to get rid of tongue defects
Among the natural leafy vegetables that contain anti-inflammatory substances, you can get rid of pimples that affect the tongue, by boiling them in a glass of water, eating it, and repeating it three times a day until the pimples are eliminated.
Gargle your mouth with salt:
By gargling a glass of warm water with two tablespoons of salt, it reduces the spread of pimples on the tongue, and it also works to prevent various irritations and pain caused by pimples.

Honey to treat tongue bumps:
Applying honey to the mouth and tongue several times during the day, it is one of the ingredients that helps get rid of pimples that appear on the tongue.

Lemon vinegar rinse:
Daily rinsing with it is able to kill the fungi on the tongue and thus get rid of the pimples that appear on it.

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