The 7 early signs of cancer that 90% of people ignore

It’s important to recognize the warning signs of cancer in order to act as quickly as possible. In fact, if cancer spreads, the effectiveness of the treatment becomes more difficult and therefore the chances of survival are reduced.

Early detection and chances of survival
Cancer Research UK has published figures that once again show that early detection is the key factor that makes the difference:

9 out of 10 bowel cancer patients lived for more than 5 years after early diagnosis.

More than 90% of women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer survive at least 5 years, compared to only 15% of women diagnosed at a later stage.

More than 90% of women diagnosed with early-stage ovarian cancer survive at least 5 years, compared to only 5% of women diagnosed at a later stage.

• More than 80% of people diagnosed with lung cancer live for at least a year after early diagnosis, compared to about 15% for those diagnosed at a later stage.

Some types of cancer are usually diagnosed late because people are less aware of the signs and symptoms. Here are 7 early signs of cancer that most people don’t recognize as mentioned by our colleagues from Figaro Santé. If you suffer from it, we recommend that you consult a doctor as soon as possible.

7 warning signs of cancer
1) Irritation and itching of the skin
You probably won’t associate rashes and itchy skin with cancer. However, you should be aware that some itching and rashes on the genitals are caused by a tumor in the uterus.
2) Intestinal problems
If you notice an unexplained change in your bowel habits, vomiting, blood in your stool, or a purulent discharge, or if you have persistent stomach pain, it could be a sign of bowel cancer.

3) Kidney problems
Symptoms of kidney cancer may include blood in the urine, lower back pain, unexplained fever that lasts for a long time, and extreme tiredness or swelling in the ankles or legs.

4) Significant weight loss
It is very difficult to notice the first signs of stomach cancer. However, if you are losing a lot of weight after a sudden loss of appetite, experiencing severe abdominal pain, abdominal discomfort, and frequent nausea and vomiting, we advise you to consult your doctor quickly.

5) a long cough
A persistent and worsening cough can be one of the many signs of lung cancer. These symptoms include blood in the sputum, chest pain that gets worse when coughing or laughing, weight loss, shortness of breath, or extreme tiredness.

6) Sore throat
If you have persistent pain in your throat, it could be a sign of laryngeal cancer. Also, if your voice is hoarse for no reason, you have difficulty swallowing, or have a persistent earache, it is important to consult a doctor.

7) Skin cancer
A skin tumor is an abnormal and unusual growth on your skin. Other symptoms that may indicate this type of cancer include lumps in the chest or armpits, unexplained itching of the skin, or a growth or change in the shape of the birthmark.

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