Do you throw ripe garlic in the trash? After reading this you will never do it again

When we go to the market and buy garlic in bulk for some kind of discount, or when we haven’t used up all the garlic we normally buy for a while, the garlic usually starts sprouting (the process of turning into a plant begins.).

Usually, when the garlic begins to germinate, people tend to throw it away, thinking that it is damaged or that it is no longer suitable for human consumption, but what actually happens is quite the opposite.

Cultivation properties of processed garlic
When garlic is germinated for 5 days, when the antioxidants are strongest, the levels rise to extremely large amounts, which is very beneficial for health.

Antioxidants are primarily responsible for fighting free radicals and dead cells in the body that can become cancer-causing. This was demonstrated by a study conducted by the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.
So when you go to make preparations for healing, the wisest option is to do so with sprouted garlic.

Why does processed garlic have more properties?
This is because garlic goes through the process of turning into a plant, and plants are more susceptible to attack by viruses, bacteria, insects, and pests.
That’s why in the process of turning into plants, they produce a variety of chemicals to protect them, and these chemicals are called phytoalexins.

Most of these plant poisons are toxic to insects and microorganisms, but they are completely harmless and extremely beneficial to human health.

It is very important to remember that garlic is rich in healthy sulfur, and in it we find allicin, which has been shown to fight atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), help lower blood pressure, and reduce the risk of some types of cancer. .

It is important to consider a series of aspects that will help us get the most out of our garlic:

Do not buy sprouted garlic from the supermarket. Most likely, they grew up in bad conditions. Regardless, to make sure it’s in good shape, touch it. If it’s too dry, lightweight, and too small, don’t pick it up, but if it’s tight and smells good, you can eat it. However, the sprouts in our house will always be healthier.
To consume it, simply peel it and open it from the middle. You will immediately see the beginning of the bud in the center of the garlic clove. It should have a very fresh and eye-catching green colour. They should never appear brown or black, and if so, get rid of them.
Sprouted garlic has a slightly stronger taste, so in these cases you will need less when it comes to including it in your meals. Simply chop up the sprouted garlic and add it to your salads, just as you normally would.
In conclusion, it is interesting to know that cultured foods have great benefits for our health. It is that moment when a vegetable grows and sprouts into a plant and thus produces new fruits. During this process, more vitamins and proteins appear and their ability to regenerate and revive increases.

It is worth taking this into account and taking advantage of other cultivated foods such as onions, chickpeas, fennel, alfalfa, radishes, watercress …

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