If your body suddenly shakes while you sleep, it means

Our bodies are very interesting things. They can actually let us know when something is wrong. One of the things our bodies do is shiver before sleep. Sometimes, after a long day, you’re in your bed and ready for bed. However, there is a sudden interruption by vibration and it makes you wonder what could be wrong. Read on.
Hippie advice before the fall
According to scientists, it’s called sleep cramps and it’s like a feeling or falling that makes your body shiver. Some scientists think it might be caffeine before bed or some medications like Adderall and Ritalin. However, this also applies to people who feel very tired and eventually fall asleep, but very quickly. This is because the brain cannot keep track of the stages of sleep.
One hypothesis is that this is happening because you started dreaming but you are not fully asleep which is a symptom of a quarrel between these two things.

Another evolutionary hypothesis claims that this happened because it was the body’s way of awakening our ancestors before they fell from trees.

Specifically, when your brain gets confused, it reboots, and you wake up with an explosion of chemicals. However, it is not dangerous for your health, but it is still not a very good feeling. There are also still opinions that seizures are associated with the early onset of Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, brain damage, or nerve damage. But that is if it is too serious.

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