4 signs you need to change your mattress

Your mattress isn’t forever, but it’s not always easy to know when to look for a replacement. So here are some not-so-misleading signals.

it’s time
Yes, your mattress has a long shelf life. It can range from 8 to 10 years, depending on the model, which corresponds to approximately 30,000 hours of sleep. After this time, its quality deteriorates…as well as yours! But beware: this is average. Other criteria (how many people sleep, how humid the room is, etc.) can shorten this lifespan.

You don’t sleep well anymore
Morning aches, body aches, tiredness upon waking, insomnia: stress and health problems are not always to blame for these little worries. The culprit may simply be your rank. So listen to your body and your head, because they are often your best advisors!

Your mattress is sagging
The more time passes, the more you sink into your mattress. good news? No, you can no longer move freely and maintain bad postures that can lead to pain. On the other hand, if your mattress is too stiff, it often changes position and does not recover effectively. The solution? A memory foam mattress is definitely a good compromise.

Shows some signs of wear
The difference in support at the level of the feet, the most stressed parts (shoulders, buttocks, etc.), bumps, loops, and a body imprint that does not disappear: these are all warnings not to be taken lightly. New bedding will ensure better nights, and therefore better days. Everything is connected!

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