Hold a piece of clothing over your ear for 20 seconds. The results will surprise you

“Each ear has a whole-body reflexology map, rich in nerve terminals and various conductors of the central nervous system,” says renowned reflexologist Helen Chin Lowe.

She talks about an unusual way in which people can improve their health, treat various problems, and feel better soon. It consists in placing clothespins in different areas of the ears.

The ears have 6 points associated with different organs and areas of the body. Therefore, by stimulating these points, many health problems can be solved.

Details here:
above the ear

This part of the ear is connected to the shoulders and back, so daily pressure for a minute will reduce the tension accumulated in these areas.

top of the ear curve

This point relates to the organs, and in case of pain or internal discomfort, put a clamp to treat it.

The upper middle part of the ear

It sticks to the joints, so when you press on it, it relieves joint pain and stiffness.

The lower middle part of the ear

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