11 signs your man is tired of you

He used to be gay when he was with you, but now he’s not? This is a red flag. Making a girl laugh now is the quickest way to make her happy. He doesn’t care about you if he’s not trying to make you laugh.
There are more signs that the guy is tired of you and wants to break up. Of course, this is difficult, because he will probably get used to you and not want to get out of his comfort zone.

If you find his behavior strange, it could be a sign of his intentions to break up. We have collected the most common signs. So, check them out and start paying attention to his behavior.

  1. He is annoyed by your touch

If someone breaks up with you now for some reason, they won’t hug you and kiss you as if nothing happened. He will avoid your touch and will get annoyed with your touch.

  1. As for your bad habits, don’t bother him

The man who has already fallen in love with you has decided to break up with you. The fact that he has not changed anything: I have already become a stranger,

  1. He allowed himself to humiliate himself in public

We imagine that if a man does this, we raise an eyebrow, slap him very cleverly, and retire proudly until sunset. No, this is not the case. I will stop.

  1. Your phone is silent.

Recently, your friend called you several times a week or even several times a day, and now his calls are getting fewer and less

  1. You don’t want to plan ahead.

There is no place for you in his plans. It is by no means necessary that these be joint life projects. With the same frequency, he could plan for next Sunday.

  1. He makes a speech that needs more “freedom.”

And the only thing that becomes clear to you: he spends less time with you. But sometimes a guy really needs more personal space. These men, the less they see, the more they love,

  1. You are teasing him.

Suddenly you are doing everything the “wrong” way. Even the things I love. There was no trace of his ancient charm and respect.

  1. She doesn’t keep her promises.

If he promised you something and he didn’t keep it, it doesn’t matter to him. If he regularly forgets or doesn’t get a chance to do something he promised, he doesn’t really love you,

  1. Don’t look for an opportunity to make your life easier.

He who loves does not talk about love but his true feelings express themselves through his actions. No need to ask for help from him, he will do everything himself.

  1. He hides his emotions and feelings.

If a man loves you, then sooner or later he will express his feelings. If the boy shows no affection, the best thing to do is give him some space and freedom.

  1. He is not attracted to you.

This is perhaps one of the most important features. If there is no passion between you, then the probability of his success is low.

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