12 facts about passing gas you probably didn’t know

We get upset when we define people who perform regular bodily functions in public as burping or hiccuping. The most embarrassing and sometimes fun point is farting in public. Yes, and people can judge you rudely if you fart in public.
All we know about passing gas is that it is part of the digestive process. People make strange noises when farting, and what bothers them the most is the stench of fart when it comes out of anyone.

However, there are many other things related to farting. Here are 12 little-known facts about passing gas that may surprise you.

  1. Men are masters of farting, not to mention entertaining, but it is true that men tend to fart more than women.
  2. The word fart was invented in 1962. It means wind coming from the anus.
  3. The average person waxes 14 times a day. You can watch it.
  4. And yes, wind 14 times a day, blowing air is enough to inflate the balloon.
  5. It is not humiliating because it shows your strength. A healthy digestive system produces flatulence. If you are not at all flattered, consult a professional.
  6. PET is made of hydrogen sulfide which reduces mitochondrial damage. Noticing a pet can be powerful, so the next time you’re petted, take a deep breath and thank the person.
  7. The female fart tends to be smelly because females have a higher concentration of hydrogen sulfide. Female pets are more beneficial in terms of smell.
  8. Flats move at speeds of up to 10 feet/sec.
  9. If you have a tight sphincter, they will push the gas more forcefully because they have a slightly narrower space to squeeze through.
  10. Drinking soda and gum makes you more satiating, that way if you know someone who eats a lot, drinks a lot of soda, or chews a lot of gum.
  11. A lot of flatulence occurs in the evening when we are resting.
  12. Termites are the windiest creatures. Followed by camels, zebras, sheep, elephants, and dogs (especially labs and retrievers).

So don’t show your embarrassment the next time you pant in public. This is normal and indicates that you are a normal and healthy person.

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