How to prepare a natural scrub and use it at home to make your hands soft and soft

How do I make my hands white and smooth?
Women care a lot about their beauty, and the first thing they care about is the beauty of the skin in general, and one of the women may wonder how to make her hands white and smooth in a short time with materials from nature and simple ingredients.

How do I make my hands white and smooth?
Hands are the first area of ​​skin that can be severely affected by any external factor such as soil, sunlight, or chemicals we use daily, which can take a toll and lead to dehydration. Therefore, hands may require constant and focused care until they become white, thin, and smooth.
But if you need to quickly improve the skin of your hands, we will explain to you through this article from the Citizen website the answer to the question that many women ask themselves, which is how to make my hands white and smooth with simple tips that we will explain to you in the following lines.”

Simple daily routine to lighten and beautify hands
Make sure to dry your hands frequently, as excess moisture from changing weather can dry out your hands.
Every week, make sure to trim your nails and clean them of dead skin cells so that your hands look beautiful.
Massaging the hands on a daily basis is one of the good things that help stimulate blood circulation, which improves the appearance of the skin and the complexion in general.
Weekly exfoliation of the hands with natural mixtures is one of the good things that can maintain the freshness of the skin and help get rid of the dead skin layer.
When exposed to the sun, you should apply sunscreen to reduce the extent of damage to your hands from exposure to the sun’s harmful rays.
Moisturizing the hands daily with a moisturizer is one of the basic things that every girl should do so that the hands become softer and more feminine.
Great masks for white hands in a week
There are many natural masks and mixtures that will improve the shape of the hands and reduce the impact of external factors on the hands, the most important of which we will explain in the following:

First, the peeling hand mask
The first thing you need to do for hand care is to use a natural exfoliator for dead skin on the hands, so we will explain the most important hand-peeling mask with simple ingredients as follows:


A little olive oil.
A little bit of coarse sugar.
A tablespoon of lemon juice.
How to prepare and use

Mix the scrub ingredients well in a small bowl.
Scrub your hands with the mixture for five minutes, then wash your hands with water.
Repeat the exfoliation weekly until you get an excellent result on your hands.
Second, the hand care mask
A potato and lemon mask is one of the best natural mixtures that can help moisturize your hands and lighten their color in a short amount of time. His method is as follows:


A tablespoon of potato juice.
a spoonful of lemon juice.

How to prepare and use

Mix the above ingredients.
Spread the mixture on your hands as a moisturizer.
Leave the mixture on your hand for half an hour and then wash it off with water.
Dry your hands with a soft towel.
Repeat this recipe twice a week to get great results on your hands.
Mix oatmeal and honey for hand care
Oats are known to contain many natural elements that help nourish the skin. Moreover, honey is one of the good things that treat skin infections and rid the skin of the influence of external influences on the skin. So you can use the mixture of oats and honey and its components as follows:


a little water
A tablespoon of lemon juice.
A tablespoon of pure honey.
spoonful of oats
How to prepare and use

Take a small bowl and mix the above ingredients well.
Massage your hands with the oat mixture for a few minutes, then leave the mixture on your skin for ten minutes.
Clean your hands with lukewarm water.
Repeat the recipe once a week to get a satisfactory result for you.
Yogurt mix to moisturize and beautify hands
Yogurt is one of the wonderful natural materials that help maintain the skin and make it soft and moisturized permanently thanks to the active ingredients it contains. You can follow the following method:


Two tablespoons of yogurt.
How to prepare and use

Massage your hands with two tablespoons of yogurt for five minutes only.
Leave the mixture on your hand for a while.
Wash your hands with clean water.
Repeat this mask once a week to get soft and thin hands.
Prevent dry hands
There are some important tips that you should pay attention to in order to protect your hand from sun damage and factors that affect the skin in an easy way, and among the most important of these tips:

Drink enough water on a daily basis, which protects your skin from symptoms of dehydration that may appear.
Wash your hands properly, and if you have sensitive skin, avoid chemical soaps and replace them with soaps that are free of harmful substances for the skin.
Avoid touching strong cleaning products such as chlorine, and if you must use them, wear gloves to protect your hands while cleaning.
Always try to use sunscreen that protects your skin from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays.
When winter comes, you should wear winter gloves to protect your skin from the cold elements.
Use a good skin moisturizer twice daily to keep your skin young and beautiful.
Keep the atmosphere in the house changing and bring natural air into the house, which positively affects the skin and helps protect it.
Regularly clean your nails from dust or dead skin accumulated around them to keep their shape, making you more feminine.

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