Never drink water from your table – that’s why

Many people have the habit of drinking water in the morning right after waking up. Your parents may have told you that it is very healthy.

If you have this weird habit, you may have noticed that water tastes weird and that foods contain sugars and proteins that germs and pollution can easily target. Although plain water does not contain any of these nutrients, there is no explanation for the strange taste of water sitting on the bedside table.
However, a large amount of dust and bacteria can accumulate in this glass of water. When water is exposed to air, it absorbs carbon dioxide, and a small part of it turns into carbonic acid, which means that water exposed to air changes its chemical composition. Thus, when carbonic acid releases one or two protons and turns into carbonate or bicarbonate, it lowers the pH of the water and changes its taste.

The water isn’t actually bad, but it definitely changed its taste after sitting at a table overnight and collecting bacteria and dust from the air.

After reading this, you will definitely think twice about whether or not you should drink it.

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