What does your sitting position reveal about your personality?

Some psychologists have studied body language and human behavior, and claim that the way we sit can tell us a lot about our intentions and personality. Our consciousness and subconscious mind reveal our instincts and intentions.

Here are the most common sitting positions and the ways people put their legs in a seated position, which can reveal their secret intentions.

position 1

It is usually very easy to connect with people who sit like this and are guided by the idea that the problem can be solved on its own. Sometimes they may seem childish, but they are not boring. The main feature of this sitting table is the same as mentioned.

position 2
People who sit this way are called dreamers. They can be very creative, and being there is never boring. These troubled people communicate with each other with interesting ideas.

position 3
People who know how to teach become teachers. They spend so much time doing it. Choosing the perfect perfume or face cream can be difficult for them. Their attitude is complicated because they can be picky about it. Find the people they work with on this research because they know something about it.

position 4
people who don’t meet deadlines. She loves sensitive and intelligent people and prefers peace to arguments and quarrels. He is the vice president as follows, he is the vice president according to the order of nature.

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