What guys really want, but can’t tell you!

“Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus,” right? While women often discuss their issues, needs, and expectations, men do not.

This is also due to the fact that they are more dangerous in their lives and do not always know exactly what they want.

So a man will not ask for something because he does not even know that he needs it. But, on the other hand, if you “read his thoughts” and think of a gift, a surprise, or just a little thing every day, he will be more grateful to you, because he will also find out that “Wow, I really need this!”

Here are the top five men who will still truly appreciate and love, but don’t know it or don’t have the courage to admit it:

When a girl asks her opinion
Men desperately need to feel like they have accomplished something important. to feel the benefit. To make the day count. It’s not just about their job.

Adding part of his mind to his partner’s life is also important for a man. Whether it’s advice on clothes or what to eat or work… what matters is that he feels more connected and closer to his partner.

On the other hand, guys are good at giving advice because they are solution-oriented and want to fix things. Guys are also “very strict” so getting advice from them would be a very good thing.


Receiving a compliment I’m definitely something every man wants, but I’d never admit it because they think their masculinity will drop dramatically in the eyes of their partner.

Maybe not equal to women, but men feel insecure about how they look and how things look on them too. They are human too!

They work to look good and have more hair and beards than women who go to the hairdresser, but they would never go out in the open and say their partner never appreciates the effort they put in to watch the road. They look like.

When women explain their needs in a way that makes them feel good

If a man loves his wife, he will certainly do everything to please her. Also, if a man thinks he can’t make his wife happy, he may want to end the relationship.

So if a woman is not satisfied with her birthday present, or the way things are going in the bedroom, or something else, instead of being calm and feeling oppressed, and leaving “the elephant in the room,” the wife should find a way to chat with her husband and explain things.

A man’s pride is something that cannot be cured if it hurts. Also, if a woman starts “lectures” instead of talking, this is a sure sign to leave it to a man, because he feels like a child and not like a man.

the support

Even though the guy seems stubborn and does everything he can think of, he also needs a helping hand and support on his way.

And since they don’t tolerate failure very well, they definitely need to feel supported so that they don’t fear failure as if it were the last thing in the world. When a woman is proud and supported, a man feels the need to do more and more, but when she is disappointed, he tends to make the same mistakes by feeling worthless or angry. It’s not good for the relationship.

the desire

The ultimate driving force for a man – is the knowledge that his wife is sexually satisfied with him. Speaking of the evolutionary side – the male of all species has this feature. Although in some species the females fight for their males, in the human world it is the opposite. A man has no greater role than to see his wife take care of him!

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