7 easy and effective natural ways to remove skin tags

Skin tags are a problem that many girls face, and there can be many people who suffer from this problem, especially since it is not considered a serious skin disease and does not cause pain, but its shape is very annoying and distorts the figure. From the skin, so today we will solve this problem through a group of natural ways to remove skin tags with simple recipes that you do yourself at home.

Natural ways to remove skin tags:
1- Essential oils:
All essential oils are known for their various benefits for the skin and their effectiveness in treating skin problems; one of their benefits is treating the problem of skin appendages.

Mix equal amounts of tea tree oil, castor oil, thyme oil, and frankincense oil. Dilute it with an amount of water to avoid irritating the skin, especially for sensitive skin. Leave it on at all times and apply the mixture daily to the places where there are marks on the skin, this will help dry it out. Drop it without pain and carry on.

2- Liquid nitrogen:
This method is one method that doctors use and is called cryotherapy. Liquid nitrogen is available in pharmacies, but it must be used with caution in order to damage the skin. We’ll get nitrogen, wear gloves, and carry it. A piece of cotton with medical forceps and dipped in nitrogen and squeezed over the marks, the nitrogen will help cut off the oxygen from the marks that will fall off over time.

3- Using the wick:
The wick method is one of the most effective traditional methods for getting rid of skin tags. Clean the place of the skin tag with medical alcohol, take a wick around the skin tag like this, tie it with his jaw and leave it like this one day, during this period from time to time lubricate it. Use alcohol to prevent exposure to germs, as this will prevent oxygen from reaching the skin tags and making them dry and scaly. After it falls off, apply an antibacterial antiseptic ointment to the area and repeat the process daily until the area softens. You can cover it with a screen or masking tape during this time.

4- Apple cider vinegar:
Apple cider vinegar is also one of the very effective remedies for removing skin tags, the first thing is to wet a towel or washcloth with warm water and apply pressure on the place of the skin tag for a few minutes, then take a piece of cotton and soak it in apple cider vinegar and press it for 20 minutes, repeat this 3 times a day for About a week to get rid of the marks.

5- Garlic:
Garlic is one of the effective remedies for many skin problems including skin tags, cutting a clove of garlic into slices, putting the slice on the skin tags and wrapping it in bandages throughout the day and during the day, and changing the garlic. . Cut it two or three more times, or leave it from evening to morning, it is possible to lubricate the skin around the place with Vaseline since garlic does not irritate the skin.

6- Using a scalpel or scissors:
This method may be a little more painful than the methods we mentioned earlier, but it is a quick treatment as the skin tags are removed immediately before using the scalpel or scissors with medical alcohol to ensure that they are free of any bacteria. Numb the area with an ice cube or local anesthetic ointment and quickly cut off the marks, then tap them with a cotton swab to stop the bleeding, then apply an antiseptic cream.
7- Dandelion juice:
Dandelion is one of the plants that has effective benefits in treating many skin problems, we will get the dandelion by pressing its paw, and the liquid will come out of it. Apply it on the areas with skin tags, put a bandage on them, and repeat this more than once a day until you get rid of the marks.

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