8 signs that you are allergic to gluten

Gluten sensitivity, defined as an allergy to wheat, is one of the most common problems faced by individuals. As you know, gluten is a group of proteins found in some foods, the most important of which are bread, processed pasta, meat, dairy products, and many others, and it can also be found in some products such as skin and hair care. There are many signs that are not significant enough to indicate that you have gluten sensitivity, which can lead to many health complications. In order for you to be aware of this, we will tell you about 8 symptoms that appear on the body, If all or some of them are combined, it will tell you that you have this allergy.

8 signs that you are allergic to gluten
1- flatulence
One of the main symptoms of gluten sensitivity is flatulence. This causes a buildup of gas in the stomach and a feeling of fullness and bloating. More than 80% of people with this problem are allergic to gluten.

2- Feeling pain and discomfort in the stomach after eating foods containing gluten
If you notice that you have an upset stomach immediately after eating foods rich in gluten, you are allergic to these proteins.

3- Diarrhea or excessive constipation
Gluten sensitivity causes digestive and intestinal disorders. This problem can either cause excessive diarrhea that causes dehydration or excessive constipation. These symptoms are accompanied by an unpleasant odor emanating from the body.

4- Sudden weight change
If you experience a sudden change in weight, either in terms of weight gain or weight loss, this may indicate that you have gluten sensitivity. These symptoms are caused by minor infections in the digestive system and an imbalance in the metabolism process, which also causes pain in the muscles and joints.

5- Skin changes and damage to hair and nails
Gluten sensitivity can cause dermatitis herpetiformis, a skin condition that causes itching and small blisters to appear. It also leads to permanent hair damage and brittle nails.

6- Tooth decay and gingivitis
Gluten sensitivity leads to tooth decay and gum infections, even if you take good care of it. So if you don’t have a clear explanation for this problem, rest assured that you may be sensitive to gluten.

7- Suffering from constant headaches and feeling tired
It is true that headaches have multiple causes and are very common, but if they are accompanied by other symptoms mentioned, they warn you of gluten sensitivity. We are talking about a strong, persistent, and recurring headache accompanied by a feeling of fatigue.

8- Feeling sad for no apparent reason
There are several theories about how gluten affects the psychological state of the body, including that when the body contains these proteins, it produces peptides that go to the body’s nervous system. These peptides reduce the level of serotonin in the body that is responsible for improving feelings of happiness, thus increasing the rate of sadness, depression, and confused thoughts. This does not happen to everyone, but only to people with gluten sensitivity.

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