Here’s how you can get rid of knee pain

Previously, knee pain was common in the elderly due to osteoarthritis, which occurs as a result of dehydration of the synovial fluid in this area in the elderly.

But the problem now is no longer confined to the elderly, but extends to young people of both sexes thanks to the unhealthy lifestyle that characterizes our current age, which is full of comfortable technologies that depend on sitting for long periods in front of computer screens, whether for work or pleasure and using cars instead of walking, among other things. Rest causes knee problems.

Since the knee is one of the most complex joints in the human body, it supports the whole body and helps to achieve balance, and any pain in it is a disorder in one’s life, with little early attention in its treatment. It can become a chronic problem with no way out.

To get rid of this problem early, here are some interesting home remedies
1- carrots
The Chinese have long used carrots to treat joint and knee pain, as they is helpful for fiber and nutrients that help strengthen cartilage and ligaments, by mixing two drops of carrot juice with lemon juice and eating it daily.

2- Drink plenty of water
Studies have proven that one glass of water per day works wonders for your body and overall health, not to mention the recommended amount of water per day. Water hydrates the body and loosens the cartilage around the knee, which protects you from infections.

3- Onions
Onions contain anti-inflammatory substances that help relieve knee pain. It also helps boost the body’s immunity, in addition to the fact that the sulfur present in onions helps reduce the annoying pain around the knee joints.

4- Knee massage
A circular massage with essential oils is a very effective way to relieve tension and pain in any part of the body, including the knees.

5- Yoga
Doing yoga helps relieve knee pain because it is a sport that does not require you to put a lot of pressure on your knee.

6- Coconut oil
Coconuts in general have a lot of benefits, heating a cup of coconut oil and using it to massage your knees works as a natural pain reliever and stimulates blood circulation around the joint.

7- Turmeric milk mixture
Turmeric powder has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, so massaging the knees with some of it is a natural pain reliever, mixing a few tablespoons of turmeric in a glass of milk and drinking it gives the best results to get rid of arthritis in general. .

8- Fenugreek seeds
Fenugreek seeds have medicinal properties such as turmeric, so it is recommended to roast them, grind them, add water to them to make a paste, and then put them on the knees to relieve pain.

9- Ginger and turmeric tea
Both turmeric and ginger contain anti-inflammatory substances, which means that they act as a natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory which relieves knee pain, especially if taken together as a hot drink every day.

10- Saltwater
Salt contains high amounts of magnesium that helps reduce chronic knee pain, and salt water helps reduce swelling in the feet and legs, relieving the pain. For effective results, it is recommended to place the legs in salt water for 15-20 minutes. daily until the swelling and pain subside

11- Excessive intake of magnesium
Magnesium helps reduce biochemical responses in the body, relieves chronic pain, especially in the knees, and helps relax muscles and nerves.

12- Extra virgin olive oil
Extra virgin olive oil helps relieve joint pain, thanks to its oleocanthal content, which has multiple benefits, and to benefit greatly from it, it is recommended to massage the knees with olive oil regularly.

13- light exercise
Knee pain can be relieved by doing gentle exercises that don’t put too much pressure on the knees. These exercises help reduce stiffness and pain in the knee joint.

14- Peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil
Regularly massaging the knees with peppermint oil mixed with eucalyptus oil is an effective natural way to get rid of knee pain.

15- Dates
Dates contain large amounts of vitamins A, B, and C, and also contain minerals such as iron and phosphorous. Therefore, it is one of the best foods that relieve knee and joint pain in general.

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