3 days .. Does the military diet make you lose weight quickly?

Weight loss is something that confuses people of all ages, and while we all know that the keys to a healthier and fitter lifestyle lie in healthy eating habits, some diets promise fast and efficient weight loss, and the world-famous military diet is one of them. Who are they?

It’s been years since the military diet has been talked about as a weight loss system, and this diet ensures that a person loses up to 10 pounds, or about 4.5 kg, in a week as well, but is- something you should really try?

Can following this diet help you lose weight quickly?
What is the military diet?
It is a unique weight loss diet that promises rapid weight loss, losing up to 4.5 kg per week, which is one of the reasons why this diet is so popular among weight watchers.

Unlike other diets, it is also free and easy to follow because there are no specific books or specific ingredients to use in this diet plan.

A simple explanation is that the diet promotes weight loss of up to 4.5 kg per week through an especially followed diet, where the individual follows the recommended diet for 3 days and gets a rest period of 4 days, and follows the same cycle until and what is the target weight that Unreached, the diet is said to have been designed by nutritionists who worked closely with the US military to help get soldiers in good shape “quickly” and has remained popular ever since.

However, there are also phrases indicating the opposite, and they are also referred to by other names, because one of the basic rules of the diet is focused on reducing calories, and such a quick diet is rarely called a low-calorie diet.

How does a diet help a person lose weight?
While the military diet may go by many names, it is designed as a low-calorie diet that significantly reduces calorie consumption and promotes faster weight loss.

The seven-day diet is divided into two parts – in the first three days a person is supposed to consume 1100-1400 calories in the form of three meals a day, and snacks are not allowed in between during these three days. Calorie consumption is reduced by a good margin and also limits unhealthy snacking habits. Also considered a combination of intermittent fasting for the first 3 days with no other diet.

Once the three days are over, individuals are advised to follow healthy eating habits for the next four days of the week, while maintaining their calorie intake. Advocates of the diet believe he can lose up to 4.5 kilograms (or 10 pounds) per week. And if people follow this diet regularly (3 days on – 4 days off), it can promote a healthy weight.

When it comes to meals, almost all kinds of food groups are allowed while on the diet, there is no hard and fast rule that says you can’t eat carbs, fiber, fats, proteins, or vitamins, we are allowed to eat everything, only in very controlled proportions.

Is this system good for weight loss?
The diet focuses on two factors for weight loss – reducing the total number of calories (creating a deficit) and controlling the amount, while consuming fewer calories during a three-day cycle helps a person consume fewer calories (on average, each person needs 1). ()) up to 1800-2000 calories), which helps to reach a deficit faster, in addition to including all different types of food, there is an emphasis on getting a little of everything, in controlled amounts instead, of doing so. To exercise supply control which is also a great way to lose weight and control your diet, the calorie principle has been well incorporated into this diet resulting in faster weight loss.

Are there drawbacks?
Although the diet helps in losing weight quickly and encourages rapid weight loss, the rapid weight loss promoted may not only be temporary, but permanent in the short term, i.e. there is no reason to have a good weight loss plan in mind. . Completely comprehensive and takes into account your general diet and lifestyle.

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