4 reasons why you always pee in the bathroom!!

Good for the body and the planet, the fact of admitting that we pee in the bathroom is upsetting. Indeed, it is a taboo and impossible topic to discuss in the middle of a family meal, but there are many reasons why we pee in the bathroom.

Urine is one of the biological fluids that we produce. It is excreted by the kidneys through blood filtration and then by recovery of ‘first’ urine particles for ‘final’ urine which is rejected by the urinary system. It changes in appearance, color and smell during certain diseases but also makes it possible to accurately indicate whether we are healthy or not. A healthy person’s urine is clear and amber in color. It turns out depending on its hydration, but some foods, such as beets, can change color without a medical reason. Similarly, eating asparagus is known to change the smell of urine, which is usually odorless.

As unreasonable and disgusting as it may seem to some of us, it is always a good idea to pee in the shower for the four good reasons:

Peeing in the shower saves the planet

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that peeing in the shower saves 27% in water flow because you don’t have to flush the toilet. In fact, urinating in the toilet takes up a lot of water knowing that an adult goes about 7 times to the little corner per day or 42 liters of water is evacuated per person. So think of the planet and save water by peeing in the shower!

It is more healthy

For us women, urinating in the shower prevents urinary tract infections as it helps eliminate bacteria harmful to our reproductive organs. In fact, when we urinate, it so happens that when we wipe, we bring the bacteria on the toilet paper directly into our sex. Then these bacteria enter the urethra. Likewise, cleaning with water is generally recommended as it allows for deep cleaning.

It is good for skin problems

Peeing on a jellyfish sting is known to relieve it thanks to the antiseptic effect of urine. This is also the case for skin problems such as eczema or rashes. Thanks to the element urea, urine contains a moisturizing active ingredient. This ingredient is often made for use in cosmetics, so you can also save some money by reaching for one of the most natural products out there!

It is good for getting rid of foot fungus

There are plenty of natural remedies for toenail fungus treatment, but they are usually long overdue. Therefore, urination remains the most accessible means. In fact, for the skin, its antiseptic effect makes it possible to treat these fungi that affect the skin or the toenails.

Also, know that peeing in the shower saves you money in your daily budget. In fact, toilet paper is a common product that most families buy. Because of their marketing, obtaining different types of toilet paper can be very expensive. Even peed in the shower!

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