4 things you do when everything in your life is falling apart

Sometimes everything in your life seems to fall apart at once. Even if the problem is one thing, if that problem is big, like the end of a relationship or a job, you may feel like everything else is collapsing with it.
Sometimes the collapse of these great things is accompanied by the collapse of others at the same time. The weight of the situation may seem unbearable, sometimes even unbelievable. If you’ve been through any of these situations and got through them peacefully, you may be laughing right now as you read this (laughing because you know how things will turn out and things will be okay in the end).

But if you’re in the middle of this depression, you’re probably tearing your hair out thinking, “How am I going to get through this?”

If you had such a complete meltdown, you might suddenly find yourself crying in your work bathroom, walking down the street with tears streaming down your glasses, or falling to the floor as soon as you got home, drowning yourself in your own tears.

What is the story of this complete collapse?

The complete meltdown comes as a gift. This breakdown tells us that life is over and our way of life, in its current form, is about to transform.

When everything seems to fall apart, we are faced with divine intervention.

If you try to control the situation and cling to it, you will suffer longer, but if you accept these losses, you will get out of the situation and become a different version of yourself.

How is he doing?

There are four things that help you deal with breakdowns in your life:

  1. This type of stressful event forces us to feel and evaluate a situation.

If you ignore grief, drinking, and overeating, you will not receive this gift of divine intervention. This will numb your feelings and miss out on the gift that could help change your life. Don’t numb your feelings. I feel the situation to the end. Keep breathing. It may sound simple, but deep breathing will help.

  1. Allow yourself to accept it.

Feel every beat of your heart. If you’re not sure how you feel, write that down. Naming feelings helps release them. According to psychotherapist Katherine Woodward Thomas, this method has been shown to help us make sense of difficult times. So if you feel angry, write that, and if you feel overwhelmed, write that. Write so that you can understand your feelings. Once you name your feelings, you will be better able to understand and release them.

  1. Ask each of these feelings: What do you want from me?

This exercise appeals to your inner wisdom. It’s like another exercise where you write a question for each upsetting feeling or situation and ask, “Well, what’s the lesson?” Because once you learn your lesson, you can let go more easily.

It may sound simple, but it is an effective exercise. Take a sheet of paper and ask a question about the feeling or situation: What lesson would you teach me? (Write this verbatim on a piece of paper.)

After that, take a pen of a different color and write, without thinking, whatever comes to your mind. Keep doing that. What you write is usually surprisingly wise. What you write is your wisdom/inner self/higher self, connecting with you and helping you discover the truth about the topic.

  1. A complete meltdown is a sign we need to stop

Usually what we need is to take a 20-minute nap or take an evening away from the internet, work, and anything else that takes a lot of our energy. Give yourself a moment when you do absolutely nothing and just focus on taking care of yourself.

This might mean sitting on the floor in a savanna yoga pose, where you lie on your back and close your eyes. There are many advantages in this mode. Chief among them is the deep relaxation that comes with insight and healing.

Self-care can also take the form of taking a warm bath, reading, browsing the newspaper, or even watching a TV show, but without indulging in distractions like television, because too many will prevent you from dealing with and managing your emotions, learning from them and hear the messages sent to you through those feelings.

Allow yourself to experience any pain that comes your way. As writer Glennon Doyle Melton so eloquently put it:

The cure for pain lies in the pain itself.

Don’t run away from pain if it bothers you. Amazingly, it will help you get it

You will become wiser, then you will act differently, and thus your life will change. One small change in your behavior will lead to another change, the process of transformation.

It is these small shifts that lead to the big shift.

If you feel that everything is collapsing, then this means that you need this collapse.

This means that the old way was not good, and if you do not intend to change it, then divine intervention will do it for you.

So don’t try to manipulate and organize things to make sense of them.

Let the pieces fall, let them fall, then you will be able to sweep them up and throw them away, and in that void, there will be the potential for the miracle you have been waiting for.

As Daphne Rose Kingham, author and relationship expert writes:

“One of the laws of physics is that nature does not accept a void… Nature seeks to fill a void with completeness.”

So, if things are falling apart in your life, instead of trying to control them and stop them from falling apart, just let them fall. Be there, watch that breakdown, and keep breathing.

This breakdown will help you. And while it may not feel like a moment of breakdown, confusion, and fear of change, it is ultimately fate’s way of helping you start over.

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