5 mistakes women make during menstruation

Women should pay attention to the errors that occur during the menstrual cycle that can cause harm, and we will tell you about them in the next article.

Women experience unpleasant symptoms during menstruation and they can make mistakes that cause more pain. Therefore, these insects must be stopped during the menstrual cycle.

Learn about the following mistakes during the menstrual cycle that should be avoided:

Insects should be stopped during the menstrual cycle
Among the most important mistakes that women must stop committing during the menstrual cycle are the following:

1_ Not meeting the body’s need for iron
Iron levels decrease in the body during the menstrual cycle due to the loss of large amounts of blood. Iron is an important element in the body, and therefore its deficiency exposes women to a feeling of exhaustion and lack of energy.

It is recommended to eat iron-rich foods during the menstrual cycle, such as: spinach, beans, red meat, dried apricots, and oysters.

2_ Eat foods that cause bloating
Most women suffer from body bloating during the menstrual cycle, which is normal and common, and it also causes a disorder in the digestive system in some, so eating foods that cause bloating and difficulties in the digestive system exacerbates the problem.

Therefore, it is better to choose healthy and light foods, and to stay away from fats, fried foods, legumes, as well as cruciferous vegetables that increase body bloating, and coffee can increase digestive disorders, so it is advised not to overdo it. he. she. And replace it with healthy herbal drinks that relieve cramps, such as chamomile, mint, and cinnamon.

3_ Not exercising
Many women think that exercise is not desirable during the menstrual cycle, and this is a common mistake, as exercise can reduce cramping, bloating, and the feeling of PMS symptoms.

Sport also helps improve mood, which women need during menstruation to relieve feelings of anxiety and stress.

4_ He does not rest
The body needs rest during the menstrual cycle, and you need to get enough sleep so that the feeling of anxiety and discomfort does not increase, and it is better to go to sleep early and wake up early so that the number of hours of sleep increases. Do not decrease. From 7 hours a day.

5_ Not drinking water all day
It is necessary to drink large amounts of water during the menstrual cycle; Because it reduces swelling and cramps, and reduces the risk of fluid retention, and water moisturizes the body and protects it from dehydration and infections resulting from it.

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