5 reasons behind breast pain

Some women feel breast pain without knowing the reason behind it, but there are many health problems that lead to breast pain.

Common causes of breast pain in women include:

1. The presence of cysts in the breast:
They are fluid-filled cysts that are soft and enlarge during menstruation, and they can be painful.

2. Some medications:
Certain medications can contribute to breast pain, and these include fertility treatments, hormonal contraceptives, antidepressants, and some diuretics. Therefore, when experiencing breast pain, a specialist should be consulted.

3. Costochondritis of the rib cage:
A type of arthritis as a result of the interconnection between the ribs and the chest, and this pain can be linked to breast pain.

4. Fibrous mastitis:
Premenopausal women and people undergoing hormonal therapy after menopause and breast swelling caused by fluid buildup may lead to fibrocystic breast infections.

5. Breast cancer:
Most breast cancers do not cause pain. However, inflammatory breast cancer and some tumors can lead to breast discomfort. In this case, you should consult a specialist.


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