6 female behaviors men love in women

Each of the spouses has his own style and habits, which the other must understand and accept. However, some spontaneous movements can be misunderstood and thus be a source of conflict between spouses. We are going to share with you some female behaviors that men love.

Perhaps it has something to do with a culture or heritage where women believe men have hearts of stone and that signs of affection, especially those expressed in public, make them feel bad. However, under this hard shell, men also need the same amount of love, tenderness, and affection. Besides, all it took was a few gentle and tender gestures for them to raise their arms and be overwhelmed with emotion. Here are 6 feminine behaviors that men love in their partners.

1- Put your head on your chest

This passionate and spontaneous move is very popular with men, as it highlights the trait of being protective of women that men generally have, giving the partner a sense of security and serenity. This communication also expresses the woman’s need to feel the presence of a man who will reassure her and calm her nerves when she needs him.

2- Playing with your hair while driving

This light touch gives a man a wonderful sense of emotional satisfaction. These gentle blows to the neck and head release oxytocin (the happiness hormone) and are seen by men as a spontaneous expression of love and the need for physical contact.

3- Congratulating and praising him in public places

Even if he doesn’t show it, men need praise and appreciation just as much as women. Because of his always energetic competitive spirit, he always needs reassurance about the level of relationship satisfaction, so don’t hesitate to show him your gratitude, congratulate him, and have fun, especially in public and on social networks. . Aside from adding to his ego which he will obviously totally appreciate, he will work hard for you and you will definitely love him.

4- Always listen to it

It is in the nature of a man that he usually prefers to solve his problems by himself and does not show any weakness in his character. But when he finally decides to open his heart and trust a partner, he wants to be heard. And when he sees you listening intently to what his lips say when he talks to you about his fears, or shares his plans for the future with you, this means to him a sign of love and concern and that he is closer to you. .

5- Call or text her even if she is busy

In any romantic relationship, it is normal for both partners to engage in activities and interests that are independent of each other. The most important and most important thing is to keep the flame of love burning, and not to neglect any party to the other, and if you call him or send him a nice message, especially when he is at the peak of his interests, then this is proof. So. You think of him and that always remains his priority.

6- Show him your love in public

While he may look awkward when you kiss him on the street or try to hang out with him in the presence of relatives, these movements make his heart pound in love with you and raise his ego level, which is important. For him, it’s your way of showing how proud you are to be with him and not be shy about showing it.

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